Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two Years...eternity to go


Two years ago I stepped out of the Salt Lake City temple hand in hand with my best friend and husband.  We spent a whirlwind of a day with family and friends, taking pictures, eating cheesecake, dancing, laughing, hugging; everyone celebrating our marriage.  I thought I knew what love was then.  I thought I could never love anyone as deeply as I loved my Dallas.  

I sit here typing, two years later, only to realize that the love I felt for my husband has been multiplied over and over and how grateful I am for the 730 days being sealed to my best friend.  

So here is the only thing I can say to the man who has literally changed my life...
Thank you.

Thank you for waking me up every morning with your kisses.
Thank you for making sure that every day you are responsible for at least one of my many smiles.
Thank you for being so understanding with my obsession with teen literature and yes, I'll say it, vampires.
Thank you for finding subtle ways to brighten my day; for the flowers, the treats, the special surprises.
Thank you for the weekends away to rejuvenate us.
Thank you for loving my family.
Thank you for making me laugh, not just the occasional giggle, but the old man wheezing laughter.
Thank you for being a gentleman.
Thank you for helping out with the house and being so understanding with my failures in the kitchen.
Thank you for reminding me how special I am.
Thank you for pushing me to be better.
Thank you for showing me patience and love no matter how stubborn I am acting.
Thank you for holding me while I cry.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for shaking your money maker in public.
Thank you for taking care of me, especially this past week.
Thank you for being willing to travel and share adventures together.
Thank you for having the desire to start a family.
Thank you for loving my friends and being willing to open our home to any who want to come visit.
Thank you for always being supportive when I want to try something new.
Thank you for working so hard to support us.
Thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder.
Thank you for sharing your strength and testimony.
Thank you for never letting me go to bed angry.
Thank you for kissing me goodnight before falling asleep.
Thank you for always striving to further your knowledge; for your excitement of learning and desire for more education.
Thank you for helping me get to know your mom.
Thank you for knowing exactly what to do when I need you; or at least faking it enough so I don't notice the difference.
Thank you for letting me attack you with my nonstop kisses, especially when your exhausted.
Thank you for trying so hard to do what's right.
Thank you for being an incredible uncle.
Thank you for shaving your face and then kissing me with the clean shaven face :)
Thank you for not being too frightened when you wake up and find me staring at your gorgeous face.
Thank you for being my best friend.
Thank you for loving me, in spite of all my endless flaws.

You truly are my best friend and I will forever be grateful for that fateful day I met you in the hallway with my cousin, Greg.  For your bravery of asking out a total stranger with a boyfriend. For your knowledge of how to court me long distance and "buy my love".  For your consistency, through dating and marriage, so that I will never question how much you love me.

I am the lucky one.
I am the lucky one.

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