Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beauties of San Francisco

It is so easy to forget the beauties that surround us when we are busy with our daily lives. This is why I LOVE when people come to visit us! Whenever we have friends come to the bay area, we show them some of the treasures that make up this incredible home of ours. Recently, Dallas's good friend from college, Mandy, came for the weekend. She is taking up a hobby in photography and wanted to see different architecture, including the Golden Gate Bridge. Is it weird that I think barbed wire is extremely beautiful?

While walking along the Golden Gate Bridge, we watched the surfers below catch the waves. Their is an interesting reef that runs along the side of the bridge that produces some cool waves, so you'll see lots of dare devil surfers hanging out in the FREEZING water. You gotta give them props for their determination.

You can't come to San Francisco without visiting the Palace of the Fine Arts. This is by far one of my most favorite places in the city. There is such a peaceful atmosphere with the countless ducks that circle throughout the pond and the gorgeous colors of the columns and dome.

We thought it would be fun to take Mandy to Baker Beach which is on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio. I've never seen such huge waves! They were crashing so close to shore that the runoff foam covered most of the sand up to the rocks...absolutely spectacular! This was taken right before I realized how strong the waves would hit...yes I was covered up to my waist with ocean water laughing and trying to not get washed away!

I could spend all day just listened to the crashing waves on shore. I feel so unbelievably blessed to live in such a gorgeous area, where I can see this beauty any time I want to! So if anyone wants to make a trip to the bay area, feel free! We are always up for the fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jackie's wedding!

Last Saturday, Dallas and I were able to go to Jackie's wedding in the Oakland temple. Jackie is a good friend from a ward that I was in at BYU when living in Devonshire. I could spend a whole blog entry about the magic that was Devonshire, but I will save that for later. To sum it up quickly...I met a group of the most amazing people that have become some of my absolute closest friends...Jackie being one of them. It was a gorgeous day, clear blue skies...I LOVE living in California! Alex and Jill Curry were also there with their adorable two kids...yes they have "children"...plural! I got to snuggle with Ben after the wedding, while waiting for the happy couple.

The adorable Curry family: Jill, Ben, Alex, and Abby.

The Happy couple coming out of the temple!

Jackie looked absolutely stunning and I've never seen her so happy.

I love how Dave is looking at Jackie in this picture; SO CUTE!

Abby thought that Jackie was Cinderella. She gave her this big hug and tried to give Jackie her Cinderella doll.

In front of the Oakland temple...couldn't have been a nicer day!

While we were waiting through pictures, Abby had some fun playing peek-a-boo through Alex's legs. She is such a sweetheart!

Jill, Jackie, and I in front of the fountain on the temple grounds. I love these girls!

After the wedding, we met up with some more amazing Devonshire friends! Kyle, Tess, and their little boy, Alex. What an adorable family! Tess is also pregnant with their second due in the spring.

Alex was quite the ham at lunch. He posed so well for the camera, which I loved!

Later that night, we all went to the reception in Palo Alto. Alex and Jill couldn't get Abby off of the dance floor. She was quite the dancing diva!

Another close Devonshire friend, Whitney, was also at the reception. She's living in Palo Alto doing research at Stanford.

We had a great time seeing everyone and helping Jackie and Dave celebrate their big day. It reminded me of when Dallas and I got married...can't believe it's been a year and a half already! Time flies when you're having fun!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Genetics!

Dallas and I have been thinking a lot lately about starting our family. I know that Dallas will be the most amazing father and I've LOVED seeing how he interacts with my nieces and nephews. I do have a small confession...I know I am totally biased on this topic, but I honestly feel/know that I have the most ADORABLE nieces and nephews in this world...therefore my nerves come in with "What if our kids aren't as cute as the rest!?" Ok I know that is a totally vain thing to even care about, but honestly, how can there be so much cuteness in one family!? Personally I'm hoping that because there is so much cuteness in our family that the genetics are on our side :) I guess only time will tell! I'm hoping our kids will have Dallas's amazing dark curls, gorgeous eyes, and smile. Here's to genetics!!
The following pictures give a little glimpse at how dang cute our family is!!

Best friends and cousins, Max, Lincoln, and Rulon.

My oldest brother Bryan has 4.5 kids with his gorgeous wife Heather (she's due with their 5th in December and I'm sure they will be just as gorgeous as their other children!) Their oldest son, Max.

Their eternally beautiful daughter, Mara.

Their second daughter, Natalie.

Lastly, little Katrina with the cutest lips!

Natalie and Katrina ready for dance class (above) and with their gorgeous mommy, Heather.

My second brother, Erik, also married a girl named Heather and they have had four just as beautiful children. This is Lincoln, the birthday boy.

Their second son, Rulon, is quite the character!

Then they had a little princess, Ellis.

Daddy's girl!

Their most recent addition is William, born in April.

Last but definitely NOT least, is the adorable little Emma. My younger brother Richard married a total hottie wife, Leisha, and Emma is a product of their great genetics!! Leisha is also due with their second in March.

So now you can see why I may be a little nervous bringing life into the world with such cute predecessors. Hopefully it will work in our favor, but if it doesn't, maybe I'll just keep posting pictures of them :)
Obviously I realize that no matter what our children turn out like I will love them with all of our mom did so with me!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Fun Weekend with Family

Dallas and I are extremely blessed to be able to live in an area so close to family. My older brother and his family live 10 minutes away and we have loved being able to spend so much time with them and their four adorable kids; Lincoln, Rulon, Ellis, and little Will (aka Chub Chubs). We were excited for this weekends festivities, not only for Halloween and the absolute cuteness that would ensue with Will in his chubby pumpkin costume, but also to help celebrate Lincoln's 8th birthday and baptism. To help celebrate, my mom and dad and my other nephew Max flew down from Washington. I was able to pick them up at the Oakland airport and experience the joy that is Southwest! They have a yearly Halloween competition to see who can decorate the boarding gate the best and Max happened to be flying into the "New Moon" gate. It was even decked out with life size posters of both Jacob and made my night!
Saturday was filled with lots of family fun! Dallas and I got alone time with mom and pops while they took us out to breakfast. We then met up with everyone for a day filled with pumpkin carving...
Max and Lincoln had some fun playing in all of the "pumpkin guts" while Rulon had some fun bonding with his daddy, Erik.
It doesn't get much cuter
than this!
Of course their Uncle Dallas needed to join in the fun!
After the pumpkin carving and pizza were done, the kids got dressed and ready in their costumes. Max went as Harry Potter, Lincoln as Kobe Bryant, Rulon as Darth Vader, Ellie as the little mermaid, and Will as the token baby pumpkin. They had a blast going around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.
We had a great night, the kids ate way too much candy...maybe we did too.
Overall it was a pretty great weekend :)

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