Friday, June 21, 2013

Daxton's First Hair Cut

So after months of Daxton pulling at the hair above his ears, I finally decided that he needed his hair cut.  With things a bit tighter now that we are buying a home in Florida, I figured that this would be the perfect time for Heather, my sister-in-law, to teach me how to cut hair.  She has three boys and "buzzes" each of their hair, so she has a lot of experience.  I couldn't think of anyone  more perfect to give Daxton's first hair cut!

Daxton obviously knew something was going on...
Look at that face of betrayal.

Before: long, shaggy, wave

Heather was so sweet and introduced him slowly to the clippers.  She even let him feel the vibration on his arm before she started cutting his hair.  He was still pretty startled and not quite sure what to do with himself, but he could be easily distracted and sat still for the most part.
Golden locks...

The kids were a big help with distracting Daxton and finding him fun toys to play with.  He also loved watching the iPad.
By the end, he had had enough and was sick of getting strands of hair in his mouth.  He was a pretty good sport, though, and Heather did a perfect job!
Covered in hair...
The finished product!
The hardest thing was how grown up he looks now!
I swear he was my baby and then in a few moments he became a toddler.  Sad at how quickly he is growing, but I love his new cut.  I can see his adorable face again!  Let's be honest, he was beginning to look like Bill Murry for awhile.
Thanks again, auntie Heather!

Daxton's First Black Eye

It's official...we have a boy on our hands!
Now that Daxton is mobile I am finding myself more and more of the "hovering" parent.  I have to physically force myself to stand back and not interfere, especially since he loves to be independent and figure things out on his own.  Having said that, I am still very close by and quick to intercede if something looks dangerous.  So you'll understand my surprise when Daxton managed to give himself his first black church...during Sunday school...with his mommy literally sitting inches away from him!
He has been practicing walking and balancing, although he has to be holding on to something.  His church shoes have a rubber sole which he is not used to and in mid step the rubber caught on the carpeted floor.  This caused him to stumbled face first into the medal front folding chair.  His little eyelid took the brunt of the fall and immediately puffed up within a few minutes.  I had to soothe him outside with the wind and trees in order to calm him down; poor little guy.  He was fine after a few minutes, but I sure wasn't.  This whole learning to walk thing is going to be quite difficult for this hovering parent!

Absolutely LOVE how tough he looks in these two pictures below.  What a sweetheart!

The Best Mexican Surprise!

A couple days after we got back from our trip to Southern California we got the most amazing surprise on our doorstep...The Marshall Family!  I previously posted about our goodbyes to this incredible family here.  I can easily say that seeing them was one of the best surprises we've had all year!  After a fun evening chat with them and their three girls, they mentioned how everyone should get together the following day at the local park to celebrate their youngest, Penelope's, first birthday.  It was the perfect reason to all get together again!

The Marshalls greeting a very surprised Nate and Michelle when they noticed who was waiting at the park.
Gotta love Sean and Heidi!

Love seeing these little ones reunited!
Hadley, Penelope, and Daxton
Jen also loved getting extra snuggles from Penelope.
Daxton was obviously very excited to see everyone at the picnic.
Baby Buddies

All the crazy kiddos:
DeMarys, Perkins, Bitters, Shelleys, Ludlows, Marshalls, Jones, and Berjkovs.

Everyone getting ready for Penelope to blow out her candle and eat cupcakes.  I love Kostya and Brooks eating on their own little boy blanket.

Blowing out the candle!
Oldest sister, Abby, helped Penelope blow out the candle.  She also helped by making sure Penelope didn't grab the flame.  She was very interested with fire.

Penelope loved her cupcake!
Just look at those adorably chubby legs!

Drew, Preston, Bryson, and Greg also loved the cupcakes.

"Newly wed" couple, Michelle and a photo bomb from Ben.

The gorgeous birthday girl, Penelope.
Doesn't get much cuter, that's for sure!

The Guys

The Girls

We spent the rest of the evening playing and hanging out at the park.  Daxton loved the swings.

I couldn't help but laugh when I looked over at the swings and saw this...
Poor Brooks!

We loved getting baby Grant to show off his beautiful smile.

While I was watching my little man, I gave my camera to Ben.  He had a lot of fun documenting the rest of the evening.  Thanks for taking over, Ben!

The bishop swung by to say hello as well.

A bunch of little monkeys playing on the jungle gym...

The next morning we had one more gathering with the Marshalls (obviously none of us wanted to say goodbye again!)  We all met for an early breakfast pot luck out behind our apartments.  

Cool kid Kostya showed off his Giants gear.

Daxton, Penelope, and Hadley had a blast playing in the Berjkov's baby bouncer.  Daxton had never sat in a bouncer before and kept giggling and giggling.  Maybe we should have gotten him one when he was little!

It was so much fun to see the Marshalls again.
What an incredible family!
We already have plans for meeting up in Florida and then later in Cozumel, so this time it wasn't a sad goodbye.
Simply, a "See ya later!"
Once again, we have been truly blessed with great friends.
What a perfect surprise, seeing their smiling faces!
Thanks again for the fun visit!

San Diego Zoo

The hotel we were staying at in San Diego had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, balcony, plus a pull out couch in the living room.  But in order for our little guy to sleep more deeply we found that if we put his crib in the master bath it allowed great background noise (bathroom fan) and complete darkness.  The only problem was the air conditioning didn't quite reach that area.  He slept perfectly and took great long naps in the morning, but he woke up like this little sweat ball below every time...
At least he was happy!

For our last day in San Diego we decided to go to the zoo.  The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest most incredible zoos I've been to (second to Sydney, Australia.)  I was a little bummed though, because we were one day too early to see their new Koala exhibit.
The token family pictures at the zoo's entrance.

Right at the entrance, next to all the gift shops, there was a photo booth of the African grasslands.  It was totally hokey, but Daxton got super excited to play on the fake lions.  We ended up snapping a few pictures with a very patient daddy.

Don't you just love Daxton's excited face!?

Such a happy little guy!

We decided to start at the Monkey Trail.  The thing I love most about the San Diego zoo is that no matter how many times I have been, I always see something different, whether it is the zoo facilities themselves or the animals.  It's pretty amazing.
Daxton is quite the little monkey and loved trying to grab the dangling branches while he was strapped to Daddy's belly.
The walkways are high above the ground, so you are eye level with the monkeys playing in the trees.  Daxton loved watching them swing back and forth.
Kim's such an incredible mom.  They have passes to the zoo, Safari park, and Sea World, and they go constantly.  Lydia is so familiar with different animals and I loved watching Kim explain and answer all of her questions.  All I can say is Lydia and Layla are super lucky to have such an amazing mommy!

Posing with the monkeys.

The zoo is MASSIVE so we didn't cover everything, but we did get to see lots of different habitations including the pygmi hippo and crocodile, and then the regular sized hippo.  The zoo has lots of fun animal replicas at different exhibits for children to climb on.  Daxton loved them!

Lydia and Daxton playing with the gorillas.  The real gorillas were not impressed!

The Panda Trek was getting updates done before the big summer season, but we were able to see a mommy panda and her baby which was pretty awesome.

Our last adventure was through the Elephant Odyssey.  Luckily for us, this is where Daxton finally too his long afternoon nap.  Dallas and I got to relax, eat some yummy ice-cream, and enjoy some good shade.  We love nap time!
Such a tired little man...
I always love how happy Daxton is after a good nap.  He was ready to explore and play!

We all had fun playing on different prehistoric animal replicas.  Crazy to think how huge prehistoric animals were.
Lydia and Brooks playing on the sabertooth.

We couldn't leave without taking a few pictures with the prehistoric elephants.  Daxton was very curious about their tusks.

Our whole crazy group (excluding myself taking the picture)
(Left to Right) Hadley, Nate, Michelle, Brooks, Daxton, Lydia, Kim, Dallas, Layla.  We truly have been blessed with amazing friends!

On our way back to the entrance of the zoo, we decided to ride the tram.  It gave us incredible views of the entire zoo and also Balboa Park.  Nate and Brooks took the first cart.
Dallas, Daxton, and I squished into the next cart.  It was a little tight with our BOB stroller also shoved in the cart with us, but we had a blast and Daxton loved looking over the side.
After leaving the zoo we had to say a sad goodbye to Kim.  With us moving to Florida, I'm not sure when I'll be able to see her again.  She has been an amazing friend over the past 10 years.  She's gotten me through some very difficult times.  I sure do love her and count myself as one of the most lucky people to call her such a dear friend.  As you can tell from the pictures below, Daxton loves her as well!

That night, our last night in San Diego, Maren came and picked up Michelle and I for a girls night.  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and talked for hours.  It was so much fun to hear about Maren's crazy adventures and also to hear new stories from Michelle's past.  I love these girls!  I have already made a big list of all the fun things we are going to do when Maren comes out to visit us in Florida.  We've had some incredibly fun memories over the past 10 years and I can't wait for our next adventures together!
It was such a fun week traveling with the DeMary family.  They are such easy, considerate friends, which made the tighter living area and the busy schedule a total breeze!  We would totally vacation with them again!  We've loved getting to know them these past few years of them living on the block.  Now we just need to get them out to Florida, if Michelle can conquer her fear of gators, snakes, and sharks!

The next day we started our journey home and like true Daxton fashion on each drive home from southern California, this happened...
Luckily I was the one driving and Daddy was in the back taking care of him :) But even more lucky, we were literally right next to a rest area we could pull over and hose our little man down.  Nothing like cleaning up toddler vomit from clothes, car, hair, and his carseat!  At least he felt much better afterwards and slept most of the drive home.
Little Stinker!

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