Friday, June 21, 2013

The Best Mexican Surprise!

A couple days after we got back from our trip to Southern California we got the most amazing surprise on our doorstep...The Marshall Family!  I previously posted about our goodbyes to this incredible family here.  I can easily say that seeing them was one of the best surprises we've had all year!  After a fun evening chat with them and their three girls, they mentioned how everyone should get together the following day at the local park to celebrate their youngest, Penelope's, first birthday.  It was the perfect reason to all get together again!

The Marshalls greeting a very surprised Nate and Michelle when they noticed who was waiting at the park.
Gotta love Sean and Heidi!

Love seeing these little ones reunited!
Hadley, Penelope, and Daxton
Jen also loved getting extra snuggles from Penelope.
Daxton was obviously very excited to see everyone at the picnic.
Baby Buddies

All the crazy kiddos:
DeMarys, Perkins, Bitters, Shelleys, Ludlows, Marshalls, Jones, and Berjkovs.

Everyone getting ready for Penelope to blow out her candle and eat cupcakes.  I love Kostya and Brooks eating on their own little boy blanket.

Blowing out the candle!
Oldest sister, Abby, helped Penelope blow out the candle.  She also helped by making sure Penelope didn't grab the flame.  She was very interested with fire.

Penelope loved her cupcake!
Just look at those adorably chubby legs!

Drew, Preston, Bryson, and Greg also loved the cupcakes.

"Newly wed" couple, Michelle and a photo bomb from Ben.

The gorgeous birthday girl, Penelope.
Doesn't get much cuter, that's for sure!

The Guys

The Girls

We spent the rest of the evening playing and hanging out at the park.  Daxton loved the swings.

I couldn't help but laugh when I looked over at the swings and saw this...
Poor Brooks!

We loved getting baby Grant to show off his beautiful smile.

While I was watching my little man, I gave my camera to Ben.  He had a lot of fun documenting the rest of the evening.  Thanks for taking over, Ben!

The bishop swung by to say hello as well.

A bunch of little monkeys playing on the jungle gym...

The next morning we had one more gathering with the Marshalls (obviously none of us wanted to say goodbye again!)  We all met for an early breakfast pot luck out behind our apartments.  

Cool kid Kostya showed off his Giants gear.

Daxton, Penelope, and Hadley had a blast playing in the Berjkov's baby bouncer.  Daxton had never sat in a bouncer before and kept giggling and giggling.  Maybe we should have gotten him one when he was little!

It was so much fun to see the Marshalls again.
What an incredible family!
We already have plans for meeting up in Florida and then later in Cozumel, so this time it wasn't a sad goodbye.
Simply, a "See ya later!"
Once again, we have been truly blessed with great friends.
What a perfect surprise, seeing their smiling faces!
Thanks again for the fun visit!

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