Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sea World: Dolphin and Shamu Shows

Of course you can't go to Sea World without seeing some of their shows.  They have four different shows found at different stadiums throughout the park.  We only had time to go to two of them so we chose the dolphin show, "Blue Horizons," and the Orca "Shamu" show.  Blue Horizons was an early afternoon show and then we ended the day watching the Orcas.

Blue Horizons is pretty amazing and even includes Pilot whales and birds along with dolphins.  They also have Cirque acrobats that dance in the sky and incredible divers.  Plus it is all put to beautiful music.  Basically we all loved it!

Kim with her adorable girls, Lydia and Layla.

The DeMary family getting ready to watch the show.
Brooks, Nate, Michelle, and Hadley



Pilot Whales
Just a couple of the incredible jumps...

The Shamu show was our last event at the park, so we were all pretty pooped...especially the kids.  I love Brooks' huge yawn in the first picture below.
Getting ready to watch the Shamu show.

Some of the awesome tricks the Orca whales have been trained to do.  It was funny to watch all the people run out of the splash zones as the Orcas approached.  Don't know why they sat there in the first place!

Just a little bit of baby bonding between Layla and Daxton.  I sure do love those girls!!

After watching the show, we walked down to the below surface viewing tank.  It was the perfect last stop for an adventurous day at Sea World!

Daxton LOVED watching the Orcas swim by.
Such beautiful animals.
My heart melts when I see Daxton experiencing new things.  I love how his mind is a little sponge ready to soak up knowledge.  I wish I could read his thoughts and truly know what he was thinking while watching these incredible animals.
But let's be honest...He was probably just thinking about food :)

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