Friday, June 21, 2013

Daxton's First Black Eye

It's official...we have a boy on our hands!
Now that Daxton is mobile I am finding myself more and more of the "hovering" parent.  I have to physically force myself to stand back and not interfere, especially since he loves to be independent and figure things out on his own.  Having said that, I am still very close by and quick to intercede if something looks dangerous.  So you'll understand my surprise when Daxton managed to give himself his first black church...during Sunday school...with his mommy literally sitting inches away from him!
He has been practicing walking and balancing, although he has to be holding on to something.  His church shoes have a rubber sole which he is not used to and in mid step the rubber caught on the carpeted floor.  This caused him to stumbled face first into the medal front folding chair.  His little eyelid took the brunt of the fall and immediately puffed up within a few minutes.  I had to soothe him outside with the wind and trees in order to calm him down; poor little guy.  He was fine after a few minutes, but I sure wasn't.  This whole learning to walk thing is going to be quite difficult for this hovering parent!

Absolutely LOVE how tough he looks in these two pictures below.  What a sweetheart!

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