Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Girly" side of life

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the “girly” side of life. I may or may not still wear facial glitter a time or two. I may or may not know every song lyric (with adjoining dance steps) to every High School Musical ever made. I may or may not thrive on reading teen love stories and cry when their young hearts are broken. I may or may not have a wardrobe largely consisting of the color pink. So you may question why in the world had I not planned my dream wedding since childhood.

Yes you heard it…I never chose colors or flowers or centerpieces or imagined the exact fit of my wedding gown. I never looked through Bride magazine for future ideas of ring choice and invitation ideas. In fact I would have to go as far to say that I hated the thought of doing so! How does someone so girly get so turned off by the thought of wedding planning? Maybe it’s because I was raised in a family of six children while I the lone girl did not have anyone to throw ideas around with. Maybe it was the horrible acting job of JLo in the supposedly sweet movie “Wedding Planner” (I mean honestly, who only picks out the brown M&Ms!?) I still cannot answer that question. All I know is that when I finally got engaged I was overwhelmed by the tedious array of choices that accumulate in the “Wedding World.”

That is why I am dedicating this post to the beloved, Marnie (whom I doubt will ever read this blog, but deserves the credit none-the-less.) When Dallas and I started to plan our life together I may have had a few panic attacks thinking about leaving my other life behind. I was going to be saying goodbye to dear friends, students, and coworkers who had made up my life for the past four years and moving to the Bay area. In addition I needed to recertify to teach in California and try to find a job close to where we were planning on living. Not to mention the move alone of not only my apartment, but my classroom as well (My mother of course would be the saving grace for these huge obstacles!) So you can see why, planning a wedding fell further and further down my to-do list. After speaking with my parents I realized we needed to fork out the cash to hire a wedding planner.

Both sets of parents where out of state, including my fiancĂ©e, so it seemed like a no brainer. This was the best decision we ever could have made! The day of the wedding our family was able to sit back and enjoy the festivities instead of rushing around trying to set things up, clean things up, and make sure everything was accounted for. Marnie did an amazing job! After I showed her a sample picture of colors and flowers she ran with it. The bouquet turned out wonderful, the reception was wonderful…basically everything was wonderful. So my hat goes off to the incredible Marnie (wherever she is now) and her creative ideas that made Dallas and I’s day that much more perfect. J

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jumping into the deep end!

We've done it! We've officially entered the blogging world and yes it has taken me almost an entire day to try and set this thing up. I guess it's a blessing I've been sick in bed all day and needed to pass the time doing something productive...thus the start of our online account to the world!
In reality this is well overdue, considering that most of our family and friends have been contributing to the technological world for years, but I have to admit that I was quite scared to take the plunge. Maybe due to the fact that I've been creatively constipated for sometime now. What if our blog isn't funny or entertaining? What if people find the background, pictures, and format horribly cliche and boring? All questions that have entered my mind over the past months while contemplating this giant leap. All in all I came to the realization that I needed to suck it up...I mean honestly...if my seven year old nephew can compose countless tracks in Garage Band on his own, why can't I learn how to navigate a blog!?
So here it is...a formal welcome into the private lives of Dallas and Kirsten...just promise you won't leave comments on how lame it all is!

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