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Preschool Graduation April 2016

The major event that happened in April (2016) was Daxton graduating from our little preschool.  We had spent a very fun year, with five other families, taking turns each week teaching preschool out of our homes.  The kids met Tuesdays and Thursdays for a couple hours, working on their letters and numbers.  Not only did they learn so much throughout the year, they all became the best of friends.  As I'm writing this two years later, I can't help but feel SO grateful for these women.  They were such great friends during a time I desperately needed them, Dax as well.  I'm so grateful our paths met when they did.  I wish we could all live near each other again and share a big backyard and just let our little ones run free and play with each other😉 

Daxton's graduation pics!
Emily was incredibly sweet and made everyone the cutest graduation caps.

Dean always has the best facial expressions and definitely lets you know how he's feeling about his picture being taken.

Levi and Julian

Joey and Daxton

When handing out the certificates, Emily told each of the boys what they excelled at and other great qualities they had.  It was super sweet.

Julian with his daddy, Danny
Joey with his mommy, Emily

Dean with his mommy, Arianne, and brother, Max

Emily giving Daxton his award and a super awkward picture with his mommy😂

Levi with his parents, Kimberly and Derek

All of our little guys...Dax and Dean were super happy about the pictures.

Love these mommies SO much!
(L to R) Kimberly, Emily, Me, and Arianne

Oh how I LOVE these next few pics!
We told the boys to hug and they gave us the cutest group hug ever.  I love their sweet friendships and hope someday Dax realizes how many people have been places in his life to learn from and love.

Day to Day in April 2016

Since I'm trying to slowly plug away at this blog, even though I'm 2 years behind😂, I will continue to do one big post for each month.  This way it highlights just a few of the day to day activities...

Here are some highlights for April...2016😂

Pool parties with buddies!

When Dax turned 4, his bravery and eagerness to try new things blossomed.  He quickly learned that jumping off ledges into pools is quite fun.

Park Playdates with his buddy Joey...
Daxton loves his buddy Joey so much and misses him a great deal.  They loved playing at Plantation Woods park, especially because there was a splash pad there.

Other fun highlights...
preschool with buddies, light up bracelets from grandpa and grandma, church buddies, long baths, and watering the plants

Beach playdates are the BEST!
We loved the hours upon hours spent at the beach with buddies.
Look at all these cute boys.
I especially love the pic of Joey and Dax fully immersed in the ocean while Dean is casually strolling with low rider much going on in that silly picture!

All of these boys are total fish and would love to live at the ocean if they could!

Somehow with all of Dallas's travels and crazy work schedule, we were still able to fit in a couple fun date nights.  One including way too much yummy sushi and a movie.

Before church adorableness showing off his new outfit and hair cut.  I know I'm biased and all, but seriously, Dax has always had a way of MELTING my heart!

Another highlight was ANY time we could spend with daddy!
Daxton adores Dallas, so any time they get to bond is pretty much playing with his new golf set in the back yard.

Another BIG highlight for my from April, was being able to spend one day a week up with the Shumway family.  I made up an excuse about wanting to help Jessica with her TWO SETS OF TWINS, but in reality, it was totally selfish on my part...I got endless amounts of new born snuggles from not one, but TWO perfect little newborns😂
During one of our many hangouts at their place, Jessica snapped these next two pics of Daxton.  Oh wow, he has my heart and I can't believe how long we let his hair grow out!

Picking up Ethan and Janie from preschool.  We loved how they held hands as they exited their school together.

On one of the days we were together it ended up being Earth day.  Jessica was absolutely adorable and got the kids little earth jars for them to collect little treasures to observe.

Star Wars and Ice Cream...doesn't get much better than that for Dax

And this is why I LOVED making our weekly trips...
look at those amazingly yummy lips and cheeks x 2!

Haircut time...just a little trim off the edges

Another highlight was going to Daxton's buddy's birthday at an awesome gymnastics facility.  Dax had so much fun trying all the different obstacle course elements, especially the balance beam.

How cute is Jack's birthday cake!?

The gym also had super fun bounce houses for the kids to climb and slide down.  Dax was in absolute heaven!

The whole crazy group😂

More playdates with the Shumway family!
This time at Chick-fil-a and then back to their place to snuggle cute little babies.  We love watching these three be so silly together!

We could never have too many beach days with buddies.
This time at Hollywood beach with Monica, Arianne, and Kim.  I sure miss these girls and their adorable kiddos!

I will always have a special place in my heart for that turquoise water.  There's nothing that quite compares.

I got a water cover for my phone and we ended up having a blast with it out on the water.
These selfies with Monica are pretty amazing!

Best attempt at a selfie EVER😂

We also did a lot of fun babysitting playdates...

Babysitting Jack and Henry
They boys loved playing with all the toys, eating yummy food, and chasing a random neighborhood cat through the backyard.

Babysitting Olive
Olive and Dax had so much fun setting up obstacle courses in the backyard, catching baby frogs, playing with kinesthetic sand, playing with toys, and of course watching Star Wars.

I adore these two sweethearts
Looking back, April was another fun filled month for our little family.

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