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Exploring the Museum of Discovery and Sciences (September 2015)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, September is pretty magical.  School goes back in session so you can get entire museums, zoos, and aquariums, that are basically empty.  Also, if you've purchased the summer savings pass, it's good til the end of September; making it the PERFECT time to go!

Daxton and I decided we wanted to get as much use out of our Summer Pass as possible, so we chose the Broward's Museum of Discovery and Science for our adventurous day.  As we walked up to the museum, I could already tell it was going to be magical because no one was there!  We hung out by the large mechanical clock in the foyer for a few minutes so Dax could watch the gears and balls moving.  But after awhile the heat got too much and we ventured inside.  It's a pretty cool courtyard entrance though.

We walked into the museum and had the whole place to ourselves!  We checked out the little aquarium section first, where Dax about lost his mind when he saw the little sharks.  He also loved looking at the different fish and horseshoe crabs.

We continued exploring and found an awesome area teaching us about weather and electricity.  He loved pushing the clouds out and watching the lightening following his hands.

He was also super excited to see the Megaladon statue, although he refused to climb inside the mouth.

Up stairs we found some great interactive exhibits about our bodies and how they work.

He also LOVED the grocery store area, especially filling his baskets with all kinds of food.

We continued around the corner and found the most amazing models of all sorts of planes.  Daxton loved climbing in and out and pushing all their buttons.  He was in absolute heaven, especially since there was NO ONE there to complete with!

More planes...
He was super excited when he found a cool ambulance to play in as well.

To finish off our visit to the museum, we spent a lot of time in the children specified area.  He climbed on all sorts of trucks, build structures out of foam bricks, and sorted through foam shapes.

He also had tons of fun at the water table and bubble station.

As we left the museum, we decided to eat our lunches in the open courtyard so Daxton could watch the gears on the mechanical clock.  It was so sweet to see him so mesmerized by it all!

After lunch we decided to walk across the street to the riverfront.  It was super hot, so within minutes we were both sweating, but the views were incredibly beautiful.

My hot, sweaty, little man loved watching all the boats going up and down the river.  He also loved looking for manatees and any sign of marine life.

He kept trying to wave down all the boaters that went by in hopes they would take us for a ride.
I absolutely love the picture above.
He looks like he belongs in a yacht club or something, with his golden locks, shades, and polo shirt.  I couldn't help but laugh!
He definitely is a Florida boy for sure.

Play dates at Dania Beach (September 2015)

I'm pretty proud that I have lowered the time frame gap on my blog from 17 months to a year.  I'm making some serious progress :)

Looking back through these pictures hurt my heart a bit.
Two of the three families in these pictures have since moved and I'm missing them greatly.  I've already blogged about the difficulties of living in such a transient area, but I guess I can look at it as an opportunity to make and create new friendships more frequently...

September in Florida feels pretty magical to me.
Usually by September the long summer months of harsh thunderstorms everyday for hours have blown over.  People are back from all their travels visiting family for the summer.  School is in session so crowd levels are back to being few to none.  The heat and the humidity is still very prevalent, but you've had months to get used to it, so it doesn't feel nearly as bad.
And the playdates at the beach pick back up!

Last September, we were able to have several playdates at the beach and we loved every minute of them!  The weather conditions were great, little to no seaweed, and calm waves...perfect for relaxing and watching our kids play.
Out of total convenience, we met up at Dania Beach, and couldn't have been happier!

Daxton and Claire playing in the perfectly clear and calm Atlantic ocean...

I loved how you could even see the sand ridges on the ocean floor!

Monica, Jeni, and I had the most magical day.
It was the one of the first times all three of us hung out together and set the foundation of an incredible year of friendship with these girls.

It's always pretty entertaining trying to get a picture of three toddlers together!

My favorite shot of the three of them...
Can't get over that WATER!

Literally it was SO DREAMY!

Since Claire is a couple years younger, Monica had to leave early to put her down for an afternoon nap.  Jeni and I decided to stay a few more hours and take advantage of the incredible beach conditions.  The tide was out so far and allowed the most shallow waves to crash for yards.  Olive and Daxton literally ran and laughed for hours chasing each other back and forth.

They played magically together!
At one point we looked over and they were laying in the ocean trying to make sand angels while holding hands.  Jeni and I about died from their cuteness overload that day!!

As the tide started to come in, the waves remained very small but created fun deeper pools for the kids to jump in.  They ran back and forth along the beach holding hands and laughing for hours!

I love these two SO much!!

It's pretty obvious that these two were fast friends and had the most fabulous day together!

The following week we went back to Dania, this time with buddy Levi.  The conditions were just as gorgeous with the most stunning colors out in the water.  Levi and Dax played so well together!

They dug holes, built sand castles, searched for seashells, and played in the waves.  It was also great for us mommies!  Kimberly and I were able to have great quality time catching up from the summer and reminiscing of our super fun cruise from the past spring.  Our boys played so well that we were able to simply sit back and relax for the morning.

You can never have too much time in the sand and waves!

After Kimberly and Levi took off, we decided to stay a few hours longer, since it was such a nice day.  Dax ran up an down the beach, played in the waves, and only broke a few times for a snack or drink.  He is truly a little beach bum!

Chasing birds along the beach...
One of my favorite pics from the year.
It really is absolutely dreamy where we live!

Trip to Wyoming: Ayers Natural Bridge (August 2015)

One of our final adventures on our visit to Wyoming last August, was exploring Ayers Natural Bridge with Grandpa, Grandma, and GG.  It's about a 30 minute drive east of Casper and was such an incredible site!  I had never been before and immediately fell in love with the colorful red rock formations.
There is a gorgeous river that runs right under the natural bridge, several campsites, and even a fun playground.
I LOVED all the colors!

We weren't planning on getting wet so we didn't have a swimsuit for Dax, but the second we saw that gorgeous river we knew he'd be drenched.  Luckily we had foresight enough to take off his clothes, leaving him in only a small pair of lightening McQueen undies.  He had so much fun wading out into the river with Grandpa, Grandma, GG, and Daddy.

Daxton' LOVES his GG!
They had so much fun playing and splashing in the water together.  My favorite is the far left pic below.  GG has the best "bring it on" face!

While Dax and GG were splashing each other on the side, Grandpa and Dallas had ventured out to the middle of the fast moving river.  They found large rocks to toss near each other to see whom could create the larger splashes.  It was so fun to see Dallas laugh and play with his daddy again.  Dallas loves his daddy so incredibly much.

The Perkins Family under Ayers Natural Bridge

One of my favorite shots!

I sure love that sweet boy and his silly personality!

Family selfies under Ayers Natural Bridge...

After we finished playing in the river and exploring around the rock formations, we headed over to the playground for a picnic lunch.  Dax had so much fun playing on all the old (and rather unsafe looking) equipment while the adults ate on the grass.

After lunch Grandpa and Dax decided to explore more of the red rock in the area.  They found some fun formations to climb and ended up going back up several times.

Daddy joined them after awhile which brought out some rather interesting poses...
At least we got one cute one of the three of them together!

Not sure who chose these poses!

It was also so fun to spend time with GG!
We love her so very much, especially Daxton.
She is one of the most selfless, caring, and supportive people I've ever met.

Obsessed with climbing trees...

Since I'm usually the one behind the camera, it was nice to actually get a few pics with my little sweetheart.

After all the climbing and playing, Daxton had worked up quite the sweat and was begging to hop back in the river.  We couldn't resist seeing all that kissable skin, so we stripped him down one more time and let him run back over to the river.

Cooling off quickly before heading home...

For dinner that night we went to a yummy diner in Casper for burgers and shakes.  Grandpa and Grandma even got Daxton an entire chocolate shake for himself.  He was quite pleased with himself!

The next morning we said our sad goodbyes and drove down to Denver to catch our flight.  We gave ourselves just enough room to stop for lunch at Cafe Rio before heading to the airport.  I can never have too much Cafe Rio!

Our flight that day went well, with this little sweetheart sleeping almost all the way home.
We absolutely LOVED our trip out to Wyoming to visit Grandpa and Grandma Perkins.  We love our family so much and feel blessed to be constantly supported and surrounded by love.  We wish that we lived closer so our visits weren't so spread out, but we will take what we can get and love every minute of it!
Thanks again for the amazing trip!
We love you all dearly!  

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