Friday, September 23, 2016

Play dates at Dania Beach (September 2015)

I'm pretty proud that I have lowered the time frame gap on my blog from 17 months to a year.  I'm making some serious progress :)

Looking back through these pictures hurt my heart a bit.
Two of the three families in these pictures have since moved and I'm missing them greatly.  I've already blogged about the difficulties of living in such a transient area, but I guess I can look at it as an opportunity to make and create new friendships more frequently...

September in Florida feels pretty magical to me.
Usually by September the long summer months of harsh thunderstorms everyday for hours have blown over.  People are back from all their travels visiting family for the summer.  School is in session so crowd levels are back to being few to none.  The heat and the humidity is still very prevalent, but you've had months to get used to it, so it doesn't feel nearly as bad.
And the playdates at the beach pick back up!

Last September, we were able to have several playdates at the beach and we loved every minute of them!  The weather conditions were great, little to no seaweed, and calm waves...perfect for relaxing and watching our kids play.
Out of total convenience, we met up at Dania Beach, and couldn't have been happier!

Daxton and Claire playing in the perfectly clear and calm Atlantic ocean...

I loved how you could even see the sand ridges on the ocean floor!

Monica, Jeni, and I had the most magical day.
It was the one of the first times all three of us hung out together and set the foundation of an incredible year of friendship with these girls.

It's always pretty entertaining trying to get a picture of three toddlers together!

My favorite shot of the three of them...
Can't get over that WATER!

Literally it was SO DREAMY!

Since Claire is a couple years younger, Monica had to leave early to put her down for an afternoon nap.  Jeni and I decided to stay a few more hours and take advantage of the incredible beach conditions.  The tide was out so far and allowed the most shallow waves to crash for yards.  Olive and Daxton literally ran and laughed for hours chasing each other back and forth.

They played magically together!
At one point we looked over and they were laying in the ocean trying to make sand angels while holding hands.  Jeni and I about died from their cuteness overload that day!!

As the tide started to come in, the waves remained very small but created fun deeper pools for the kids to jump in.  They ran back and forth along the beach holding hands and laughing for hours!

I love these two SO much!!

It's pretty obvious that these two were fast friends and had the most fabulous day together!

The following week we went back to Dania, this time with buddy Levi.  The conditions were just as gorgeous with the most stunning colors out in the water.  Levi and Dax played so well together!

They dug holes, built sand castles, searched for seashells, and played in the waves.  It was also great for us mommies!  Kimberly and I were able to have great quality time catching up from the summer and reminiscing of our super fun cruise from the past spring.  Our boys played so well that we were able to simply sit back and relax for the morning.

You can never have too much time in the sand and waves!

After Kimberly and Levi took off, we decided to stay a few hours longer, since it was such a nice day.  Dax ran up an down the beach, played in the waves, and only broke a few times for a snack or drink.  He is truly a little beach bum!

Chasing birds along the beach...
One of my favorite pics from the year.
It really is absolutely dreamy where we live!

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