Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marshall Family Visits: Lauderdale By the Sea (June 2015)

Another fun spot we took the Marshall family to was Lauderdale By the Sea.  It's located just north of Fort Lauderdale and is a super cute little beach town.  They do such a great job of keeping things clean, beautiful, and super kid friendly.  I especially love all the bright colors.

The Marshall's visit fell right after a few days of heavy storms, so the shoreline and even into the ocean were scattered with sea weed.  It was definitely not my favorite conditions, but we were all able to still have a lot of fun.

The kids immediately got to work at building sand castles and digging holes.  Once again Penelope and Daxton played wonderfully and were inseparable.

I ADORE these next few pics!
Our sweet boy is such a little fish and would live in the ocean if he could.  I love watching him interact with his surroundings and see his absolute love for the water.

Buddies digging holes

He has no idea how great his life really is!

Playing in the waves!

This boy is totally at home at the beach...

Resting after hours of playing in the sand and water.
Daxton LOVES goofing off with his daddy!

My two loves!

Oh man these two killed me!  They had so much fun and constantly ran around giggling and hugging each other.

As we were leaving the beach the kids found a fun bike rack to play on.  It was such a fun day!

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