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Day to Day in June (2015)

Yes I'm about to do a recap from June 2015 and find myself laughing at how far behind I am.  But since I'm pretty sure it's just myself and my parents that read this blog, I don't mind too much.

Here are some highlights from June 2015...man how he's grown in the past year!!

Daxton continued to love those stinky toe boots and wear them everywhere he went.  Most times they were the only thing he would agree to wear!

He is my little buddy and I can honestly say that I LOVE spending my days with this sweet boy.  He's a great shopping companion, loves to wash his hands, take naps in mommy's bed, and doesn't like to wear clothes.

Daxton LOVED his swim lessons with Ayla and Emily, but most especially our tradition of visiting Flamingo Nursery afterwards.  The kids had so much fun drinking yummy fresh fruit shakes and playing on all the outdoor furniture.  I loved being able to snuggle chunky baby Reef :)

June (2015) was a very sad month for Daxton and I as we had to say goodbye to dear friends, Aubrey and Ayla.  We loved spending so much time with the Kohfields and have spent the past year missing them terribly.

Love these little sweethearts!
Ayla, Daxton, and Emily

While the Marshall Family was in town visiting, they let us sneak away for the weekend to celebrate our 7 year anniversary.  It was such an incredible weekend!  We stayed on the beach in Fort Lauderdale with the most amazing views.

I love this man of mine with all my heart!  He accepts all my crazy and loves me unconditionally.  It's been a rough couple years from the frustrations of not being able to add to our family and the demands from his work and church callings, but I can honestly say that my love for him has deepened to an unimaginable level.  He continues to be my best friend, through struggles and joy.

Our gorgeous sunrise from our hotel balcony

Other highlights from the month included...
Bonding with daddy time.  Dax even lined up each of his tools to help with small projects around the house.

Dax also started another swim session with Emily and his buddy Jack.  He was excited to be able to keep his previous coach, Coach Nicole.

I was also SUPER excited when I got a call from my hometown music teacher and dear friend, Chris Romm!  Her oldest daughter, Alex, had been working in south Florida.  So Chris and her youngest daughter, Sam, decided to come out for a visit.  While Alex was working, I got to steal the girls away and take them on a fun adventure down to the Everglades Alligator farm.  We saw lots of baby gators, watched a couple shows, and of course, went on a fun airboat ride through the everglades.

Can't visit Florida without holding some gators!

On our way home we stopped at the amazing Robert is Here fruit stand for yummy fresh fruit shakes and other goodies to bring home.  It was so much fun catching up with Chris and Sammy!  I loved being able to show them a small part of why I love south Florida.

Other exciting news from June (2015)...
We replanted all our grass!!
It was so amazing to be able to have a yard again!
On a happy note, I can say that it's still living a year later.
My favorite was watching our hilarious Italian neighbor, Luigi, and Daxton in their "florida attire" help stomp down the newly laid sod.

Like I mentioned before...
Most days all he wanted to wear were those stinky toe boots!

Another fun adventure from June, was going to Hollywood Beach with our buddies.  Monica and I wanted to give our friend April some reprieve since she was 9 months pregnant at the time.  So we picked up her son Jack to join our adventures as well.  When we met up at the beach, we realized that both Jack and Dax were wearing the exact same swimsuit!  Great buddies think alike :)

It was such a nice day digging in the sand.  We didn't end up swimming due to jellies in the water, but the kids still had a blast playing together.

Love this picture of little Claire!

They took turns burrying their toes and legs in the sand.  They also loved making mud and sand castles.

Such cute little buddies!

We let the kids play in the splash pad for a long time since they weren't able to swim in the ocean.  They had a blast and was a perfect spot to wash off all the sand!

When we got home that day, Dax still hadn't had enough playtime in the water, so we headed to our neighborhood pool for a couple hours.  This kid sure loves the water!

More fun highlights...
Helping daddy take care of our new lawn

More adventures at our pool...sometimes being derailed by summer thunderstorms...gotta love the crazy Florida weather!

We loved getting a fun package from grandpa and grandma and going to the movies with daddy.

We also frequented the local water parks to cool of from the summer heat.  This was the start of a bonding friendship with his buddy Dean!  They immediately loved pretending they were alligators.

Play dates with buddies are the BEST!!

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