Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Goodbyes at Lauderdale By the Sea (June 2015)

One VERY hard thing I've had to learn while living in south Florida is how to say goodbye...
We didn't realize when we moved here how transient this area would be.  I can't even count on my hands how many times we've had to say goodbye to dear friends over the past 4 years.
This sweet family was especially hard to say goodbye to...
Aubrey and I thought it essential to have one last adventure together before they moved back to Utah, so we met up at Lauderdale by the Sea.

Before we even headed to the beach we decided to get some cute pics of the kids playing...

Ayla and the perfection of baby Reef

We had so much fun playing with all the life size games at Lauderdale by the Sea!  Dax and Ayla had a blast building a massive tower out of large legos, while baby Reef watched intently.

The kids also loved playing bean bag toss...baby Reef stayed to eat some of the legos.  I LOVE how colorful Lauderdale By the Sea is, especially all the gorgeous bright beach chairs.

They were SO proud of their tower!

The kids were so sweet to let us take a few pics before heading to the ocean.  Ayla and Dax just laughed continuously.  I love their sweet friendship!

These next few pictures absolutely melt my heart!!

We then set up camp down at the beach and let the kids play to their hearts' delight.  They spent hours running up and down the sand, digging and building sand castles, and swimming in the warm ocean.  It was an absolute perfect way to say goodbye to our dear friends!

Ayla and Dax always played SO well together!
Best little buddies

Some of the highlights from our swimming on my GoPro...

Love Dax's face in the below pic!

After the perfect morning and afternoon, we decided to end our adventure with a yummy meal on the waterfront...including a stop for delicious gelato as well!  You can tell we didn't want to have to say goodbye!
Aubrey is one of the most kind and selfless people I have ever met.  It was such an incredible blessing getting to know her and become dear friends.  She's truly one of those people that has the ability to make you feel so loved and accepted.  Daxton and Ayla have the cutest little relationship as well.  Everytime we got together, without fail, deep belly laughs would be heard from both.  It was absolute bliss.
We've spent the past year missing them deeply, but so glad they're happy and surrounded by family in Utah.
Come and visit anytime!!

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