Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Haulover Park (August 2015)

At the beginning of August my friend, Monica, invited me to join her for a beach day at Haulover park.  When I googled the directions I was a little shocked that it was listed as one of the topless beaches along the south florida coastline.  Monica quickly reassured me that we weren't going to Haulover Beach, but a park located 2-3 miles south.  It has a great reputation for gorgeous water, waves, and numerous manatee sightings, since it is directly on one of the fresh water entrances.  We were excited to check out a new beach and were pleasantly pleased with what we found.

The beach is lined on one side with a large rock wall which separates the fresh water canal and boat paths.  The rock wall juts out into the ocean creating a fun cove for swimmers to swim in.  The water was absolutely gorgeous with great visibility.

Our friend, Kaitlyn, also joined us at Haulover.
All the kids together!

Daxton had a blast trying to stay on Kaitlyn's body board.  He loved swimming freely with his floaties on as well.

The color of the water was absolutely stunning!
Daxton and Claire had so much fun digging and playing in the sand.

Love these pics of our little beach babes!

I couldn't get over how gorgeous Haulover was.  I loved the contrast of colors and the added fun of climbing on the rock wall.  We didn't see any manatees, but the excitement of knowing that we could at anytime was also an added bonus.

The other girls had to leave early, but we ended up staying an additional few hours because we just couldn't leave that gorgeous sand.
Look at those gorgeous golden locks!

Seriously SO in love with all these stunning colors!
Haulover was a great find and I'm so grateful Monica asked us to join them for the day!

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