Friday, September 23, 2016

Trip to Wyoming: Riverfront Fair (August 2015)

While we were visiting Dallas's parents in Casper, WY last August, we had the chance to visit the local Riverfront fair.  It was a lot of fun to get to know Casper a little better and to explore all the fun local booths.  There were so many yummy treats being sold, it was hard to reign Daxton in!  He finally decided on a chocolate chip frosted cupcake, which he ate within a few minutes.  He kept saying over and over, "Oh momma this is SO good!"

We also found a very yummy booth that popped fresh kettle corn.  Daxton thought it was so fun to watch them pop it all.  It tasted absolutely delicious!

We also ran into this Duck...
Not sure what he was for or representing, but Daxton ran into his arms pretty quickly.  You can tell he's been trained from meeting characters at Disney World.

They had lots of different stations and activities for the kids to play.  We found a great one that taught kids how to cast for fish.  Both Daddy and Grandpa took turns casting the line with Daxton.

Grandpa's turn

The fair was located directly on the river, thus the name Riverfront Fair, so Grandpa thought it'd be fun to explore the riverbank.  It was such a fun way to end the evening!  Grandpa was so sweet and found tons of rocks for Daxton to throw in the river, while Daddy made sure Daxton didn't fall in himself.  It was pretty heart melting to see these three Perkins boys play together.

Riding on Daddy's shoulders with only a little crack showing...

It was so pretty to see the light catch the hillside grass.  Everything was a beautiful golden color...we don't see a lot of that in Florida!
It was fun to actually get a family picture together.

I love Daxton's expression in the picture can obviously see how much he loves visiting Grandpa and Grandma Perkins!

A few attempts at family selfies...

There was a moment of concern when we couldn't find rocks for this little boy to throw in the lake...

Grandpa saved the day! 
He found a whole stash of rocks which took several minutes throwing into the river one by one.

He was a VERY happy little boy!

Before leaving the Riverfront fair for the night, we let Daxton play at the local playground.  It was designed so well and accommodated tons of kids!  He could have stayed there all night long!  It was fun to watch him get more and more confident on larger playground equipment.

It was such a great day in Casper, eating yummy local treats and exploring the riverfront.

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