Friday, September 23, 2016

Trip to Wyoming: Hanging with Grandpa and Grandma Perkins (August 2015)

I fully realize that I am very lucky when it comes to the inlaw department.  I married into an incredible family and extended family that have no hesitation in showing their love and support.
Last August, Dallas's parents were SO generous to fly us to Casper for a week's stay with them.  We loved spending time with them and exploring some of the beauties around Casper.  I also loved watching how soothing it was for Dallas to relax and breathe a bit after a few very long months of work.  Daxton, of course, was in absolute heaven spending time with his grandparents, GG, and new best buddy, Robby.

We ended up flying into Denver since the cost was so much cheaper than Casper.  Daxton did wonderful on the flight and especially loved looking out the window.  At one point I noticed he was pretending to shoot down Thai fighters, with full sound effects...he is definitely a little Star Wars fan for sure!

Along with shooting down Thai fighters, Daxton loved reading books with daddy, playing on his iPad, eating snacks, and building a fort under his tray table.

Drew and Kristie picked us up from the Denver airport and we started our leisurely paced drive back up to Casper.  We stopped several times along the drive for restroom breaks and food.  It was so fun to see Daxton already start to play with his grandparents.

Three generations of Perkins boys!

Goofing off with Grandpa at one of the rest stops.
I love the bottom left pic of everyone peaking out the windows.

We arrived at their house in Casper and Daxton immediately got to work.  Within a few short moments he had pulled out most of their fun toys and set up a camp for him to play.  He loved all their kitchen supplies, cars, and trucks.

Throughout our week's stay, Daxton felt right at home.  He was very adamant about what he wore and at one point I walked outside to see him playing golf like this...
Dallas said that playing shirtless golf actually helps your back swing...I highly doubt that!
That's quite the happy little golfer!
Daddy tried to show him the proper technique, but after a few minutes Dax decided he knew everything he needed to on his own...He's a stubborn little thing!

Daxton loved opening his birthday presents from Grandpa and Grandma.  They gave him some cute clothes, books, DVD, and little toys.

He especially LOVED the clown nose they game him.  Can you tell he adores his grandpa!?

Anything Daxton asked, Grandpa or Grandma would do, which made him love our trip even more.  So when he asked Grandpa for real pancakes for his tea party, Grandpa made real delicious pancakes...

His new best buddy, Robby!
He followed that sweet dog around everywhere, except for near mommy...being allergic to cats and dogs is definitely NO fun.

Other highlights from our trip...
Daxton and Grandma went exploring around the neighborhood and brought back the sweetest flowers for me.

Story time with Grandpa and Grandma every night before bed

An awesome highlight he still talks about to this day...
Exploring a local tank with Grandpa, Grandma, and Daddy!
He was able to crawl inside, push all sorts of buttons, and pretend he was in an epic battle...needless to say, this little boy was in heaven!

Sitting on the large gun of the tank was a huge plus

So much fun with Grandpa and Grandma!!

And if the tank wasn't enough...
They also took him to explore and climb on every tractor they could find.  Dallas said watching his excitement was pretty entertaining.

Farm boy at heart!

So many tractors!
I love his determined faces below as he tried to shift the gears.

Daxton could not have been more excited with all the attention and adventures with Grandpa and Grandma!

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