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Day to Day in July (2015)

I have to admit that today's been fun recapping memories from a year ago...don't get me wrong, i'd rather be up to date on this blog, but at least it's been fun to revisit great adventures and friends along our journey here in Florida.

We continue with a recap of our July 2015...yes you got that right...2015 :)

To be utterly honest, the summer of 2015 was extremely difficult for me.  We had our fourth miscarriage and since we weren't able to travel west to visit family during the summer, I became very depressed.  Summer's in Florida are also a hard thing.  The heat and humidity can be overwhelming at times along with the heavy rainstorms that darken most afternoons.  Since it's been a year from these memories, some of that pain has faded and acceptance of our current family situation has also helped.  Not to mention we have the most loving and sensitive little boy imaginable.

So even though you're about to see a plethora of good memories which are important for me to remember and document.  I wanted to make sure that I also remember and document the fact that July of 2015 also pretty much sucked...to put it lightly.  So eloquently put into words, right?  For posterity's sake, life can be very hard.  Life can throw curve balls and trials you may not think you can overcome.  But life can also be beautiful, joyful, and if you choose to look at things in a different light...very magical.

These are just a few of our favorite moments from July 2015...
We were able to spend sometime down at the Miami zoo with friends.  It continues to be a favorite spot for us, but why in the world we decided to visit in July I still don't have a clue!  We were all dripping with sweat walking from one enclosure to another.  The animals hid mostly in the shade and in water.  The kids still had lots of fun, with their favorite spot being the splash pad, of course.
I learned very quickly here that no matter where we plan on going, I always remember to pack a swimsuit or an extra change of clothes for Daxton.  He is a magnet for water and without fail ends up completely drenched.
After playing in the splash pad for awhile, we explored more areas of the zoo.  We ended up buying Dax an adorable Zoo hat to try and protect his cute face from the sun.  He quickly called it his safari hat and refused to take it off.

Watching the leopards

Our sweaty messes playing on some zoo toys...seriously look at Daxton's hair :)

This boy is so expressive...pretty sure he gets all those facial expressions from his mommy!

Learning about the jaguar and american alligator

My favorite was watching him interact with the sting ray.  Every time the ray swam by he would tickle it's belly through the glass and giggle.  He kept saying, "I just really like this guy!"

He also loved playing in the water table and finding all the dinosaur models throughout the zoo.  The pic below shows how stinking hot we were by the end of the day though!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, July 2015 was kind of a dark time for me.  You'd think by our fourth miscarriage I would have the hang of things...
This sweet boy was so healing for me.
There were a few days where I just couldn't leave the house and was too emotional to do much.  I ended up blowing up a pool for our little guy which he would spend hours playing in.  There was one day that was especially hard for me and when Dax declared he didn't want to wear a swimsuit it was one battle I really didn't care about.  He spent the afternoon swimming nude in our backyard while I sat numbly in a lounge chair trying to heal.  When Dallas got home from work that day and found his broken wife in the back yard crying, with a happy little three year old playing naked in the pool, he did the most amazing thing.  Dallas kissed me and without saying a word stripped down and hopped in the pool with Dax.  They splashed, shot water guns at eachother, and laughed hilariously loud for almost an hour.  There my sweet husband was, naked in the privacy of our backyard, being totally silly.  It was the first time I had laughed in a long time.
Exactly what I needed.
He is an incredible husband.

Although I wasn't up for too much, we did have the chance to watch some of our friends, which Daxton loved.
Top left: our new friends Janie and Ethan spent an afternoon with us!  Bottom right: buddies Aiden and Julian also came over for an afternoon of fun.  Top right and bottom left: my friend was sweet enough to watch Daxton for a day while I was trying to heal.  He loved playing with his buddy Macey.

Other highlights included lots of time with daddy.  They went to the movies together (where daddy spoiled Dax with a slushie every time) built blocks, and played the guitar.

Grandma and grandpa also sent a great care package including this hilarious hat which Daxton LOVED.

Daxton also completed another swim session with his buddies Jack and Emily where he got another medal and these hilarious underwater pics.

I still have no clue how he opens his eyes so big underwater!

We also continued our tradition of visiting Flamingo nursery for yummy shakes.  They boys had a blast collecting and then lining up all the rocks they could find.

Daxton also spent quality time learning how to blow spit bubbles (as seen in the bottom left pic) and enjoy screen time with snacks in tow.

My 35th birthday came and went, gratefully Dallas was kind enough to keep it a small occasion with just the three of us and this yummy cake.  I was not in a position to be social.  My parents sent beautiful flowers and my dear friend, Janelle, sent butterfly jewelry which reminded me of my sweet niece Mara.

Father son bonding in the yard...with those stinky toe shoes...

Babysitting sweet little Claire

On a daily basis Daxton would find another hilarious way to make me laugh...case in point...where he wanted to holster his sword!

Our Floridian family, the Bradfords, had the incredible opportunity of baptizing their youngest, James, in the atlantic ocean.  We were so happy for him and his choice to be baptized.

The last weekend of July I realized that I needed to poke my head out of isolation.  We decided to host a little BBQ at our house and invited four families over.  We blew up the pool again to let the kids have some fun while the parents ate and chatted.
The pool was obviously a big hit!

Top left: the Bartlett family and the Shumate family
Top right: our new friends, the Shumway family
Bottom right: the Steinkopf family

The Shumates were very sweet in letting us snuggle their newest little addition, little Henry.  It was needed therapy for both Dallas and I.

BBQ shenanigans

I also put on a social face for the finale of the Bachelorette.  I hosted a rather naughty finale party where the girls got to take home their own goodie bags of astroglide, condoms, hershey kisses, whip cream, chocolate syrup, and their own individual rose.  It was a night filled with laughter and good friends...perfect medicine for my soul...no matter how naughty the subject matter :)

We also spent another fun filled afternoon watching Ethan and Janie where they happily watched movies, played with blocks, and ate otter pops.

Our last big event from July was Tati's quincenera.
They decorated the church beautifully, Tiffany made the most amazing cupcakes, and I took lots of pictures for the photo booth.

Such gorgeous decorations!

Crazies from the photo booth...

Our Floridian family at it's finiest

The gorgeous birthday girl!
She couldn't have found a more perfectly beautiful dress.
Although July 2015 was one of the hardest months since moving to Florida, looking back through these memories it's good to realize that there was also a lot of fun scattered throughout.
Glad it's over though!

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