Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marshall Family Visits: Food Truck Invasion (June 2015)

We were SO happy that the Marshall family ended up staying with us for a couple weeks before their cross country adventure back west.  It was the most amazing feeling to have a full house with laughter, messes, and dear friends.  At one point I walked in and all the kids were circled around Heidi as she read to them.  Dax was in absolute heaven!

For one of the evening's adventures we decided to take them to Plantation's Food Truck invasion.  Our good friends own one of the food trucks and make the most amazing mexican food.  We had a blast exploring all the different food trucks and eating yummy food.

You can tell these are the faces of some pretty cute and silly buddies!

Penelope protecting us with sticks as we all ate shaved ice :)

You never know what you are going to find at the food trucks!
Here are some of the fun interactions we had while exploring...

The kids found several really sweet dogs to interact with.

And then this happened!
So many things going on in this pic that I love...his two toned hair, cut off sleeves, mullet, tats, and best buddy Kimono dragon!
He was so awesome and let the kids pet the dragon and take pictures.

The opening of Jurassic World was also taking place so they had several promotions for the movie.  We found a Jurassic Park jeep donned with security guards, heavy artillery, scientists, and even a live LARGE yellow python crawling along the top of the jeep.  It was hilarious!

Dax looks a bit too happy to be holding that rifle!!
I swear only in south Florida!

I am dreaming of the day these two get married!  They will have so many cute pics for their wedding video!!
We had such a blast with the Marshall family in town.  They even let us sneak away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary as they watched Daxton for us.  We love them so much and are truly blessed to call them dear friends.  We hope they come back to visit soon!

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