Friday, September 23, 2016

Trip to Wyoming: Alcova Lake (August 2015)

One of our absolute favorite things we get to do while visiting Grandpa and Grandma Perkins is spending time at Alcova Lake.  We've always loved the chance to get out on their boat even though we rarely go in the cold water (we've become quite babies when it comes to water temperatures!)

While visiting them last August, we were able to spend a relaxing and beautiful day out on the water, where Dax and I feel most at home.  As you can tell from the pics below, we had a ton of fun!

Daxton was quite at home at the front of the boat...

He loved the wind blowing through his hair and looking at all the gorgeous rock formations.

Alcova Lake is really quite beautiful.
There is a fun canyon that cuts through the rocks.
The cliffsides are incredibly steep and lined with diverse colors.  I find it amazing that plants can somehow thrive on cliffside surfaces with little to no room for roots.

This is probably my all time favorite picture I've ever taken of Daxton and grandpa togther...they're such studs!

As you boat up the canyon, there are flat rocks that can be fun to do cliff diving.  Drew, Kristie, and Dallas all took turns jumping off the cliffs, but I opted out since the water was FREEZING!

I adore this picture below...
Dallas looks so happy and content.
I sure love my hubby and all the hard work he puts in for our family, but I do wish that he had more moments like this for himself.  His strength is astounding.

After exploring the canyon, we went back out on the lake for some tube time.  It was Daxton's first time on the tube so the ride was pretty calm, but he LOVED it.

Absolutely adore these cute men of mine!

Dax kept saying how badly he wanted to jump in the water and even though we warned him it would be chilly, he wouldn't take no for an answer.  Needless to say, after jumping off the boat and feeling the shock wave of how truly cold the water was, he swam immediately back to the boat.

Daxton thought it was pretty fun pulling Grandpa and Grandma on the tube though.  He watched contently and then moved back to the front to catch air in his mouth...

For dinner we packed a few sandwiches and snacks to eat on one of the sand dunes along the side of Alcova Lake.  Daxton had so much fun playing in the sand with daddy and grandpa. 

Since his hair had gotten wet and then the fast air from the boat ride, it was pretty funny to see what his hair looked like by the end of the day.  We called it his Farrah Faucet look.  It was weird to see how straight his hair got without the thick humidity of Florida.

We played on the sand dune for awhile, ate dinner, washed off, and then headed back in for the night.  I rode the tube from the sand dune back to the dock for awhile til the temps got too cold for me with the sun going down.  It was still a lot of fun though.

LOVE this picture Dallas took while I was tubing!
Can't believe how grown up Daxton is and those gorgeous golden curls...

When we went to store their boat, we found this!!
An entire family of several deer, including babies!
They were so curious and approached us without any fear.  They were especially curious about my large camera lens.  Daxton loved being able to see the deer up close!

Bottom right...the deer was going in to nudge my camera lens

We didn't really have many snacks for them to try, but we did have some left over potato chips.  Dax thought it was so funny that a couple of them ate the chips right off the ground.
What a perfect way to end a great day!

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