Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day to Day August (2015)

August seemed to fly by in a blur.  
The beginning of August I flew home for a quick weekend to celebrate the life of one of the most incredible men in my life, Grandpa Bill.  I'll write an entry just for him next.
At the end of August we ended up taking an impromptu trip to Wyoming to spend a much needed week with Dallas's family, which I will also post about in another entry.
The rest of August was filled with friends, trying to get our house back in shape, and trying to distance ourselves from the previous month.
Here are some of the highlights from our month of August (2015)...

We loved our date nights with Adam and Tiffany!
We tried to see them as much as possible since they moved up to Boca.  We found a great new indian place and ate yummy chicken tiki masala and naan.

Daxton loved being able to hang out at the Bartlett's house.  He is so sweet with little Claire.

We spent most of the summer cleaning up water from all the leaks in our playroom roof.  I have to admit I am madly in love with tile floors in this climate though!  Due to the amount of rain, we had to wait to fix our roof til after rainy season, so it was a lot of weeks with all Daxton's toys packed away and all our pans and towels being used.

The weekend I flew home for my grandpa's memorial, Dallas asked Daxton what he wanted to do.  He said Dax could choose absolutely anything.  All Dax wanted was for his buddy Jack to come over for a play date.  It was pretty cute!  The boys had a blast playing with toys, decorating and eating cupcakes, watching movies, and having a picnic.  I loved getting these cute pictures from Dallas while I was away!

Daxton and Jack about lost their minds when Dallas gave them all the sprinkles they could ever want...such a mess!

I came back from my quick weekend at home super sick.
I had an array of drugs that I was supposed to take and spent the next few days in bed trying to recover.

By August, Daxton's curls had grown greatly out of control, but with how crazy life had been, we just hadn't gotten the chance to do anything about it.  We found other ways to keep his curls off his face.  We called it his rhino horn :)

The below picture still makes me laugh...
We were at the park playing one morning when the lightening warnings started to go off.  The storm was far off, but Daxton immediately jumped in my lap and started to snuggle my "puffies".  I couldn't get over how sweet that cute face was with those puckered lips and sweaty hairline!
We coined the phrase "take comfort in the puffies."

August also brought Daxton's last swim lesson with his coach from the past 7 months, Coach Nicole.  She was such a great coach and he learned so much with her.

Keeping up our weekly explorations at Flamingo nursery...unfortunately in those stinky toe shoes!

Other highlights from August 2015 included...
sidewalk chalk
snuggling and reading with daddy, shopping with mommy, and screen time (only if he snuggled mommy at the same time)

His end of the swim session underwater pic...
shows how long his hair had gotten!

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