Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marshall Family Visits: Hollywood Beach (June 2015)

I fully realize how ridiculous it is that I am still trying to keep my posts in chronological order and in doing so get further and further behind in documenting our lives.  Chalk it up to my OCD personality.  Whatever the case, I continue to forage through the desire to document our lives and the ever increasing demands on time.
Last left off in June of 2015 with the Marshall family's visit...

One of our favorite places to take visitors is Hollywood Beach boardwalk.  It's a super fun location that is very kid friendly with lots of activities, yummy restaurants, and even a splash pad.  The kids immediately had a blast jumping into the warm ocean and playing in the sand.

Dax LOVES the Marshall girls!
It is so cute to see how well he and Penelope get along, not to mention how enamored he is with Abby and Adri.  The kids played for hours in the sand and loved every minute of it.  My favorite picture has to be the bottom right of Dallas.  He had just finished a very long hard busy season and was still recuperating.  He fell asleep so deeply that we finished our beach adventures, cleaned, and packed everything up, without him waking.  We all snuck away and left him quietly sleeping.  We eventually sent one of the kids back to wake him, though.  At least he got a good nap in!

The highlight reel from our GoPro while swimming at Hollywood...
The cloud coverage was pretty heavy so the water doesn't look too great, but it felt wonderful and we loved the added shade provided from the clouds.

Marshall family picture!

After we were finished at the beach, we let the kids run through the splash pad to clean off the sand.  Best idea ever!

Look at those beautiful gorgeous curls!

We then walked down the boardwalk to the Taco Spot where we ate the yummiest carnitas tacos and grilled corn.  The kids also loved eating tons of chips, black beans, and rice.

After dinner we decided to explore the boardwalk a bit.
The kids had lots of fun climbing along the boardwalk walls and posing for the camera.  I can't get over their excessive cuteness!

Such cute kids!  I loved watching Daxton and Penelope play and interact.  They have such silly personalities.

We ended the perfect evening with yummy drippy ice cream cones.  It's pretty funny how quickly you have to eat ice cream here in Florida!  Needless to say, there's a pretty good reason I still carry wet wipes in my bag.
It was such a great day spent with incredible friends!

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