Thursday, February 25, 2016

Marshall Family Visits: Hanging At Home

As I mentioned in my previous posts today, I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog.  So it is pretty humorous how far behind I have gotten on our adventures.  Nonetheless, these memories are too good not to document...

Last June our good friends, the Marshall Family, came and stayed with us a couple weeks while they were in-between homes.  We met them while living in the Bay area and after we both moved from California (we moved to Florida and they moved to Cozumel) we stayed in touch.  Over the past couple years we've been able to visit each other a few times.  We especially loved our family vacation when we stayed with them in Cozumel and explored the Riviera Maya!

The Marshall Family finished their adventures in Cozumel around this time last year and packed a few suitcases to take with them to Europe.  After spending a few weeks traveling around several different countries as a family, they flew to Fort Lauderdale to stay with us and plan their next adventures.  Dallas and I LOVED listening about all the places they were able to visit and some of their fun experiences they had.  Personally, I loved having a full home, with kids laughing and playing together in every room (my dream come true!)

The first couple days, while the Marshalls were visiting, were spent with Sean and Heidi car shopping.  They knew they were going to drive across the United States as a family and had several different stops and people to see along the way.  I offered to watch all the kids as they spent the day shopping.

The kids and I had so much fun!
We spent the morning playing dress ups, puzzles, games, and other toys.  Daxton had so much fun with his buddies.  

For lunch we had a picnic in the living room while we watched Disney movies...

After lunch we went on a walk around our neighborhood, looked for lizards, and spent the afternoon swimming...

When Dallas got home from work he joined in on the fun with more movies, games, and dinner.  I love the picture of Abby, Adri, and Penelope sleeping in the bottom right pic.  It was so funny to see them be able to sleep anywhere.

The next day we were able to spend awhile with the girls catching frogs in the back yard...or what we had of a back yard (we have since laid sod and it looks MUCH nicer.)  Daxton had so much fun chasing little frogs around while Abby and Adri carefully showed Daxton and Penelope how to catch and hold them.

Abby and Adri were so cute and patient with the little kids.  They helped put little frogs in their hands, catch them when they jumped away, and even wash their hands after.

As you can tell, Daxton LOVED playing with his buddies!

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