Thursday, February 25, 2016

Girls Cruise to Bahamas: Day Two

Our second day of adventures, while on our girls cruise last spring, was spent in Nassau, Bahamas.  We woke that morning and chose to eat a yummy breakfast out on the deck so we could enjoy the gorgeous views of the Bahamas.

We couldn't help ourselves from taking a bunch of pictures in front of the Norwegian Sky before exploring Nassau.  Wendy and I thought it was pretty funny that we were matchy matchy for the day!

Looking back at our gorgeous ship...

Right as we got off the ship in Nassau, we were bombarded by all sorts of shops and salesman.  It was a little overwhelming at first, but we had fun looking at all the different jewelry, clothes, and souvenirs as we walked through.

We didn't purchase an excursion, so we thought it'd be fun to rent scooters to explore the island...
It turned out to be quite the adventure to say the least!

Before we could rent the scooters, we had to pass a driving test with one of the locals.  Kimberly had previously owned a scooter and was very comfortable on them.  Aubrey and Wendy, after having spent a few tries on the scooter, both decided they were not comfortable enough to take it out.  I had experience on four wheelers growing up and passed the scooter driving test fine, but I was still pretty nervous about driving one in traffic.  We decided to double up with Kimberly and Aubrey on one and Wendy and I on the other.

Taking out scooter tests...

Holy cow, was it a memorable day!!
It was a very different feeling having someone on the back of the scooter with me.  But the kicker was the crazy Nassau traffic!  It was so unnerving trying to maneuver in and out of stop and go traffic while trying to keep balance on our scooter.  At one point we were going down a tunnel, with speeding cars zipping passed, when we were meant to stop at a stop light on the other end of the tunnel. For some reason I couldn't get the scooter to stop fast enough and ran right into Kimberly!  Luckily we were going super slow at that point, but it still made me even more nervous.  By the time 45 minutes went by, I was a stress case and couldn't take it anymore!  Wendy and I ended up taking our scooter back within the hour and thanking our lucky stars that we were still alive.  Needless to say, driving a scooter around Nassau is NOT something that I would recommend...ever!  We still ended up having a hilarious story from it all with funny pictures to help remember.  Kimberly and Aubrey ended up riding their scooter around the island for another couple hours, while Wendy laid out poolside and I showered off the gasoline smell from my hair and took some relaxation meds to calm me down.  It was quite the experience!
That night we had another awesome dinner, explored the ship some more, and spent hours chatting away.

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