Thursday, February 25, 2016

Girls Cruise to Bahamas: Day One

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog world for the past few months.  Life has been busy and I've found it tricky trying to sit down and actually document all our adventures while there's a very cute and talkative 3year old wanting my attention.  After so many months go by, it's a bit overwhelming looking back at all I need to document.  The normal person would probably just start with the present, but me (and my OCD tendencies) wants to make sure I stay in chronological order.  This might mean that I am forever going to be in a "catch up" mind frame on my blog, but at least things will eventually get documented.  I guess I'll always have instagram for more current adventures!

At the end of last May I was able to take a spur of the moment cruise out of Miami with my friends.  Dallas was such a sweetheart to let me sneak away after a long busy season of just Daxton and myself.  It was a short three day cruise over a weekend, which worked out perfectly with all our crazy schedules and family responsibilities.  

It was so much fun to get to spend such quality time with these great girls, especially since usually when we hang out our kids are in tow and we are all in mommy mode.  It was literally three days straight of uninterrupted great conversations and fun with friends!  I definitely hope that we make this girls cruise an annual tradition!

I picked Aubrey, Wendy, and Kimberly up the morning of our cruise and we all drove down to Miami to board the Norwegian Sky...
Walking through the skybridge tunnel

To get the true girls weekend cruise experience, we all shared a room with three bunks and a pullout couch.  It was a bit tight, but we all had a blast in our close quarters.  We spent the first day exploring the ship and trying to get a feel for where things were located.  We found a fun lounge at the front of the boat we ended up chatting in for hours our second night of the cruise.

We also loved checking out the Miami skyline from the top deck before the Norwegian Sky departed.  It's still amazing to me that we live in such a gorgeous location!

Some of the gorgeous views of the Miami skyline, including North Beach in the top right picture.

Looking out at the road and island connecting Miami to North Beach.

Just some of the beautiful details of the Norwegian Sky.

After the bon voyage party, we made our way to the front of the boat to get our first glimpse of the open ocean.  We had fun chatting as we watch the Miami skyline get further and further out of sight.  As we tried to get pictures, the wind picked up for quite the hilarious photoshoot... 

The clouds were stunning as we entered deeper waters!

Looking back at the Miami and North Beach skylines.

Trying to take a selfie in the wind...
We had at least 50 pics of us goofing off as the wind blew our hair in all directions!

The aftermath of humidity and wind...
We had a wonderful dinner, explored more of the ship at night, caught one of the after dinner shows, and stayed up super late chatting for hours.  It was the perfect first day of our girls cruise!

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