Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sea World: Wild Arctic

Our little Family portrait in front of the entrance...don't mind Daxton's hand placement!
One of my favorite areas at Sea World is the Wild Arctic, mostly because of the Beluga whales.  They are stunning.  As you enter the Wild Arctic area, you first go through a helicopter simulation flight, but since we had little babies that aren't allowed on the ride we skipped it and continued on to the exhibits.  The building is made of several different areas that show the drastic conditions that research teams live in in order to observe Arctic animals.  First being their difficult journey to the area via helicopter.  

The first tank you see are the Beluga whales.  What I love about the exhibits is that it allows you both surface and below viewing.  Daxton didn't want to smile at the camera when he could be looking at whales.
We then walked over to the Polar bear exhibit where he walked right up to the glass.  Daxton kept kicking his legs in excitement.
The walrus exhibit was awesome!
This was the first time that the walrus was moving around when I've visited.  He even rolled around for the camera!  It was pretty amazing to watch him maneuver that much body mass.

As you walk from the upper to lower exhibits and entire wall is covered in glacial ice.  It's cool to see hundreds of peoples hand prints in the ice as they've come to visit.  Daxton kept wanting to touch the ice, but would then start crying because it was so cold.  It was almost as if I had forced him to touch the wall in some way.  Silly boy.
Walking through the different ice tunnels.

My absolute favorite exhibit is the lower viewing area of the Beluga whales.  They have such interesting bodies and move so gracefully in the water.  I also love the gorgeous white on white ice and snow.  Beautiful creatures.

Daxton loved watching them through the glass, but was not happy about posing for more pictures.

They're absolutely stunning!

No, this was not staged...I simply revert back to being a child when encountering amazing things...
As we were leaving one of the Beluga whales came right up to the glass for Dallas to snap this last picture.  It looks like he's smiling and waving goodbye.

Right next to the Wild Arctic area are the penguins, so we dropped by for a bit of fun before heading to the next exhibit area.
Daxton LOVED watching the penguins.  He kept giggling when they would swim by.

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