Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sea World

I love Sea World.
I mentioned my joy for marine life and especially Sea World in my previous posts from December when Daxton and I visited San Diego.  We had so much fun and I loved every minute of introducing Daxton to somewhere that I absolutely adore.  This time was even more incredible.  As Daxton grows he becomes more and more aware of his surroundings.  He interacts with people and his environment.  I love being able to watch his face light up as he experiences things for the first time.  He has such an excitement for life.  What an amazing blessing he is in our lives.

When we first arrived it was a bit overcast, but the clouds quickly burnt off leaving a gorgeous sunny day.  They are redoing the entire entrance so the temporary entrance dropped us off right in front of the flags on the far west of the park heading towards Journey to Atlantis.

A few family pictures as we entered the park...
As we were headed towards the Animal interaction area, the boys spotted a porcupine.  Daxton was very curious while watching it.

It was pretty sweet to see how excited Daxton got while interacting with the different animals.  Brooks also had a blast.  He loved the small touch pool and looking at the different land animals in the farm area.

After the farm area we headed over to the Wild Arctic.  I decided to do several different posts about Sea World covering all of it's main areas.  We had so much fun and took so many pictures with our little guy that I couldn't choose.  

One of my favorite family pictures for the day.
Can you tell he is teething!?

For lunch we decided to head to the Sesame Street Bay of Play, so the kids could get all their wiggles out after eating our picnic lunch.  While we were there we found some of the Sesame Street characters!  Brooks was extremely excited to meet Elmo.

I wish I could put into words how sweet this moment was.  Daxton has only seen maybe two episodes of Sesame Street, but he does have a cookie monster puppet that he loves.  When Daxton saw Cookie Monster, Oscar, and Elmo he would not stop smiling.  He immediately dove into their arms and wanted hugs.  He was so happy and kept trying to bite their noses!  Needless to say our hearts melted.
Giving Elmo snuggles

He was so stinkin' excited!
When the pictures were done, he turned around and hugged Elmo super tight.  He wouldn't let go and had quite the sad cry when I carried him away from his Sesame Street friends.

In my next few posts I will go into depth about our visit and all the fun we had.  I'm so happy that my little man loves Sea World as much as I do!

(Top left) Nate, Michelle, Me, and Kim after riding the Manta roller coaster, which was SUPER fun!  (Top right) Michelle, Hadley, and Nate next to the Orca "Shamu" tank.  (Bottom left) Daxton loving his baby carrier a bit too much.  (Bottom right) Our little family at the end of the Shark encounter.

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