Friday, June 7, 2013


As I was looking through pictures of our trip to Southern California, I quickly realized that the bulk of our pictures taken that first day at Disneyland and California Adventures were from Cars Land.  I guess it shows how stinkin' excited I was to finally be there!  
After spending the morning and early afternoon at CA Adventure Park, we all headed over to a VERY packed Disneyland.  We have been spoiled the past few times while visiting Disneyland with no lines or crowds.  We usually will go during October/November when the summer rush has passed and the holiday craziness hasn't quite begun.  This time, since it was May, it was much busier.
Of course, I still loved every minute, even when my feet hurt at the end of the day and we had a very exhausted baby on our hands.

Family pictures in front of the entrance.

We first ran over to Tomorrowland to get Fast passes for Space Mountain and check the line on Buzz light year.  After getting fast passes we had a couple hours to kill so we wandered over to Adventureland.  The first ride Daxton got to ride was Pirates of the Caribbean.  There were even crazy pirates performing while we waited in line.  Daxton found them to be very suspicious.

After pirates, Daxton quickly passed out for his afternoon nap, which Dallas and I found extremely convenient since we were exhausted as well.  We spent an hour chilling in Adventureland, sipping yummy frozen lemonades, and enjoying people watching.

Tarzan's Treehouse

Freshly woken from his nap, Daxton had a blast while waiting in line for the jungle cruise.  There were lots of fun things for him to climb and drum on.
Riding the Jungle Cruise

After Adventureland, we headed back over to Tomorrowland to ride Spacemountain and Buzz lightyear (Astro Blasters.)  Of course you can't go to Disneyland without getting a warm churro!  Love how you can already see the massive burn forming on my face...

Waiting in line for Astro Blasters.

Brooks was most excited about shooting Zurg.  He was such a cutie on the ride and wanted to go on it again and again...
In other words, he had a BLAST!

Daxton was most excited about chewing on the lazer guns, especially the ones in the gift shop.  Dallas and I were quite proud of ourselves when we didn't buy any souvenirs from Daxton's first trip to Disneyland...that's what pictures are for, right?

Minnie Mouse and the water fountain outside of Space Mountain.

I fully realize that we will be living within a couple hours of DisneyWorld in a few short weeks, but I think my heart will always hold a place for Disneyland.  So many amazing memories were made here with family and friends, some whom have passed on.  I love walking down Main street and getting your first glimpse of the castle.  I realize I am a total Disney nerd, but I love how quickly I can be transported back to those cherished memories. 

The DeMary's were still going strong at the end of the day...we on the other hand were pooped!
We had such a great day at CA Adventures and Disneyland.  My favorite was visiting Cars Land for the first time.  What a perfect way to say goodbye to the California we have come to call our home these past five years and what a fantastic way to start our vacation!

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