Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Museum of Discovery and Science

Dallas and I decided that every weekend we were going to go on a family adventure.  This was of course before he was sent to Sweden for the past five weeks.  So our first (and sadly only) adventure weekend we've had since moving to south Florida was exploring the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale.  
I am so excited for Dallas to get home in the next few hours so we can plan our next big family adventure!

The Museum of Discovery and Science was pretty cool.  I kept thinking "Daxton is going to love this when he gets a bit older."  As it was, he still thoroughly enjoyed exploring everything, but the teacher in me knew he wasn't comprehending.  That's fine though, exposure, exposure, exposure, is my motto as a mommy.
My boys at the entrance.
Daxton could have watched the different gears and balls circling around the two story clock for hours.  He was not happy when I turned him to face me for a picture.

We started our exploration in the ecosystems of Florida section.  Daxton loved the lower windows that were exactly his height.  He was able to watch sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and fish all without being held up high.  Perfect for a very independent toddler.
There was also a cool little aquarium for us to walk through.  He loved the leopard shark and colorful fish.

It was nice to give the camera over to Dallas and actually be in some of the pictures.  I have found myself (especially over the last month) looking back through our adventures and realizing I'm always behind the camera.  Daxton's going to look back through them all and wonder where his mommy is.

Daddy teaching Daxton about gears...

Don't worry, Dallas was standing right next to him, but look at how strong our little man is!  He balanced on that little slant for a few minutes trying to reach the small Cayman exhibit.  He's got some serious calves on him for sure.

Everything was interactive and hands on, which Daxton loved.  They had exhibits on recycling and living "green" where Daxton spent forever playing in the fake truck.

Another cool exhibit was all about different types of weather found in Florida.  Below we were learning about wind and clouds.

There was also a hurricane simulator that you could stand in that blew up to 60 mile an hour winds.  Daxton loved it until it got faster than 20mph, then he wanted out.

The big hit was the lightening ball.  Daxton was totally mesmerized watching the bolt connect with his hands.

There were also workers that would occasionally bring around different animals you could pet and interact with.  Daxton showed no fear as they brought around the snake.  He was pretty sad when they took it away.

Another fun exhibit area focused on fossils and prehistoric Florida.  Daxton loved digging in the sand for fossils and playing among the teeth of the megalodon.

Looking down on the train tracks near the entrance from the second floor.  I wonder all the time what my little guy is thinking.  He is so inquisitive and curious.

To finish our adventure, we spent awhile exploring the hands on play area for toddlers and younger children.  Daxton thought the bubbles daddy was making were pretty cool.
Working on solving puzzles and games...
He's so focused when he studies something.

Proof that both mommy and daddy are a bit pathetic when it comes to documenting our son's life...a camera from both angles!

My bestie
I sure do love this man and can't believe that it's been five years already.  Time sure has flown...we've got the gray hair to prove it!

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