Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The day before mom left at the beginning of September, we decided to drive through the Everglades over to the gulf coast and the city of Naples.  Naples is a gorgeous beach town with several beautiful vacation homes.  It also has a really cute zoo with all sorts of animals, a boat safari tour around the monkey islands, and a gorgeous botanical garden.  Mom and Dallas were super sweet to walk around in the stifling humidity and rain with me!

I sure do love my Dallas.
What an incredible husband he is and what an incredible journey we are on!

Daxton had the most fun playing in the dirt and sand along the walkways.  He couldn't have cared less about the alligator feeding on the other side of that fence!

Looking across at the different islands all inhabited by different apes.

Walking through some of the botanical gardens in the warm rain.  I am so in love with Spanish moss, although I learned to stay clear of it since it is full of chiggars.
Daxton loved walking with his daddy.

We were able to take turns feeding the giraffe different pieces of lettuce.  While I was holding him, Daxton even was brave enough to hold the lettuce on his own.  We were all shocked at how long the giraffe's tongue was!

Look at that tongue!!

What a brave little boy!!
I was so proud of our little man and his lack of fear interacting with animals. 

Walking through more botanical gardens.  I loved the rows of palm trees along the path.

I wish I could get across how hot and humid it was.  We were literally dripping sweat to the point that it was running in our eyes.  Poor Daxton got so annoyed with sweat dripping around his hairline, but I love when those curls start to show.

The most fun has been watching our little guy become a toddler.  He is such an inquisitive boy and loves more than anything to run, doesn't matter where, just run.

Hanging out with Daddy...two peas in a pod.

Doesn't get much better than this adorable smile!

After spending the morning at the Naples Zoo, we grabbed lunch at Cheesecake Factory, and then headed to the beach.  It was my first time seeing the gulf coast, let alone swimming in it.  All I can say is it was stunning.  I just wish the pictures could do it justice.

As we were setting up our beach camp, we quickly noticed a rather large storm cloud moving our way.  We swam for a bit but were soon forced to run for cover when the lightening started.

Daxton LOVED playing in the rain.  He sat out in the beach chair with rain pouring down his face until Dallas got back from swimming in the storm.  A boy from my own heart for sure!
Trying to catch the raindrops in his mouth...

Nothing like swimming in the ocean in the middle of a warm rainstorm.

Sadly the rain didn't let up, so we packed up our soggy things and selves.  We got cleaned up, showered, and then began the drive back through the everglades to the east coast of Florida.
Even though we were totally rained out of both the zoo and beach, we still had a great day and can't wait to return to the gulf coast.

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