Thursday, October 8, 2015

Maren Visits--Jungle Queen Cruise

Mid April brought us a great surprise...
Auntie Maren came to visit!!
Maren has been one of my dearest friends since 2002 (wow that ages us a bit!)  I was so excited when she called and told me that she had a few days off and wanted to come visit.  I immediately went to planning several fun adventures... unfortunately the week Maren was in town it rained... a lot.
We were still able to have a lot of fun, but didn't get to have nearly as many relaxing days at the beach Maren was hoping for.  I told her it meant that she simply needed to come visit again :)

For our first adventure we found great deals on the Fort Lauderdale river cruise, the Jungle Queen.  It was my first time going on this tour so I didn't quite know what to expect.  It was definitely fun, probably because I had Maren by my side, but it wasn't the best river cruise I have been on in Fort Lauderdale.  I liked how it took us up river which usually is not toured on most cruises.  But we were NOT impressed with their "private" island we stopped at for an hour in the middle of the cruise.  We made the most of it, though, and Daxton was a sweetheart for the whole tour which made things that much more enjoyable.

Maren and Kirsten Selfie! 

Daxton was pretty entertaining dancing along to the music and making funny facial expressions.  As long as he had a little snack in hand, he didn't mind how long the cruise was.

Going up river through Fort Lauderdale...
Daxton was pretty excited when we saw daddy's building (the one with the huge pyramid on top.)

Some of the gorgeous views along the way...

Like I mentioned above, this tour was one of the only cruises that takes you this far up river.  It was fun to see different sights and go under one of the main freeways.

The island we stopped at was outfitted with several different animal enclosures and had it's own alligator wrestling show.  Everything was rather small though, with large crowds from our giant boat, which made it difficult to maneuver.  Maren and Daxton were able to find a good spot to view the alligator show and quickly became best buddies.

We were able to see lots of different birds and lizards and there were even some animals we were able to take pictures with.  Of course Daxton ran away the second we asked him to hold a bird.

It was pretty fun to see all the natural wildlife wandering around.  I'm constantly in awe of how foreign things still feel!  Massive green iguanas walking around at your feet are not something I grew up with!

I love that Daxton is growing up with such unique experiences that have shaped his little personality and mind.

After exploring the island, the cruise continued by taking us down river, through Fort Lauderdale, and into the intercoastal.  We loved looking at all the million dollar mansions and yachts.  It was gorgeous but so crazy to think that people live that way.
Overall, is was a really fun afternoon, but I have to say that I wouldn't choose the Jungle Cruise again.  There are much better river cruises available, but it was fun to try it out and have another adventure with my girl, Maren.

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