Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Trip to Washington--Fox Hollow Farms

Our last full day in Seattle area, was spent exploring a super cute little farm out in Issaquah called Fox Hollow Farm.  Katrina and Sadie were super excited to show Daxton all the fun animals and activities.

I love how Daxton's hugging Katrina in the picture below!

Heather was such a sweetheart to spend another day taking Daxton and I on adventures!   She chose the best spot for sure!  Fox Hollow Farm was absolutely adorable with everything centered around hands on activities for children.  We had so much fun and Daxton couldn't have been happier!

Before we entered the farm, we saw the cutest little pony that was about the height of Daxton.  It even came over to the fence and stuck it's nose between the wood while Daxton was watching it.

The kids loved watching all the different animals eat and play around in their pins.  Daxton thought the pigs were pretty funny.

The location could not have been more beautiful!
It was nestled up against the most beautiful green mountains, with lush trees, and interesting animals everywhere.

Our favorite were all the free roaming peacocks showing off their gorgeous feathers.  They even had a stunning albino peacock, which I didn't even know existed.

One of the kids' favorite spots was the chicken coop.  There were so many baby chicks for the kids to interact with!

We quickly found out that the chicks were really friendly and all we had to do was sit still.  Pretty soon we were covered in baby chicks!  I LOVED how sweet Katrina and Sadie were with Daxton.  They were so patient and helped him interact with each of the animals.

So many baby chicks!

There were also adorable kittens and bunnies for the kids to hold.

Petting the different goats along the walking paths...

They even had a little pony for all the kids to ride!  It was so much fun watching each of them take their turn riding the pony.

Katrina was first...

Then a VERY excited Daxton...

Followed by an adorable Sadie...

The part that made Daxton almost lose his mind, was finding a whole section just for driving!  There were several jeeps for kids to drive along the circular driveway.  Both Sadie and Katrina were so sweet to help Daxton not drive off into the bushes.  The kids circled multiple times and had a BLAST.

We then explored the path down to the little river behind the farm, where the kids had fun throwing rocks and jumping in the creek.  They found a funny chair along the way and pretended that Daxton was the king with Katrina and Sadie his guards.  It was so funny to see them try to not smile while I was taking their picture!

There was also a super fun corn pit that kids had a blast playing in. They spent a long time jumping, rolling, and making "corn" angels.  I loved watching them laugh hysterically with each other.

You know it's been a magical day when a meltdown occurs when you're trying to leave.  Daxton could have stayed there forever and been perfectly content.  It was such a cute little place and full of so many fun things for the kids to do.

The next day, Daxton and I made the sad, long journey back home to Florida.  The 6 hour flight went by quickly with this sweetheart traveler by my side!  We played games, ate snacks, read books, and even built a little fort under the folding tray which made a perfect hiding spot for him to watch his movies.  This seasoned traveler was an absolute dream!

Our last view of the mountains as we left Washington...
Man, how I miss mountains!
Daxton and I had such an incredible trip visiting family in Washington.  It was so great seeing him interact with his grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  The absolute hardest thing about living in Florida is being so far away from my side of the family.  It was so wonderful being able to spend such quality time with all of them.
Hopefully we'll be able to visit home again, sooner rather than later.

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