Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Break: Christmas Day

Daxton's first Christmas morning was probably more exciting for us than for our little guy.  Being 9 months old, he was way more excited by the shiny lights, ornaments, and wrapping paper than his actual presents.  I guess it's a good thing we didn't get him anything too special!
In true mommy fashion, I took a bazillion pictures and video.  Daxton was quite cooperative through the whole process, even smiling with his santa hat on every so often.  I've trained him so well!
We filled his stocking with lots of fun little, chewable toys and then "Santa" left him some Mega Blocks as well.
After everyone was finished looking through their stockings, we started to pass out presents.  Daxton had a blast hanging out by the tree and playing with the ornaments.
Getting Christmas morning snuggles from Uncle Stuart, Uncle Bradley, and Grandpa.  Someone is VERY loved!
Such an attractive early morning family picture!
I can honestly say that I got everything I wanted for Christmas in being able to share it with my little sweetheart.  We had prayed for him to join us for so long; there's not much more I need.
Daddy teaching Daxton how to open presents...
Showing off some of our fun presents.
It wouldn't be a true Adams party if there weren't a few gag gifts mixed in with the bunch.  Erik and Heather sent some amazing t-shirts for everyone.  Bradley ended up LOVING his cat shirts!
I found an amazing website that allowed you to personalize presents, so we ordered some fun ties for daddy and grandpa.  What a fashion statement to have that cute face staring back at you!
Dallas had some fun with wrapping presents again.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone use that much tape and only use scraps of wrapping paper.  He's so talented.
Our buddy James, living in Hong Kong, sent us both a pair of awesome Superman socks with attached capes and everything!
In the afternoon, Richard and Leisha came out with their girls to open a few more presents.  It was so cute to see them get so excited and squeal over all their new princess attire and dolls.  Grandpa even got a little emotional as the girls excitedly tried on their new outfits he had found in Seattle.  Grandpa's quite the tender heart these days.
Some more highlights from presents received.
It was a wonderful Christmas day and we all had so much fun hanging out with family, laughing, and eating yummy food.  

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  1. Cuteness! Can't wait to see you next weekend!!!


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