Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Break: Christmas Eve

We have several traditions on Christmas Eve, several of which I can't repeat... couldn't tell the surprise.  But I'll just suffice it to say, that I LOVE being home for the holidays.  I love walking into my parents' home and being surrounded by fun decorations, beautiful colors, and twinkling lights.  And there was an added element of magic this year with the excitement of little Daxton.  His face lit up every time he saw the lights shining and was so curious.

I guess it's a good thing he wasn't too mobile for our time at home. He absolutely loved the tree and probably would have torn the decorations down if he could have...something to look forward to next year!  As it was, he would lie next to the tree and roll close to the presents.  He was really cautious with the bulbs he could reach and would touch them gently and watch them swing back and forth.  He was also fascinated by the shiny wrapping paper of the presents.  It was fun to just sit back and watch his little mind work as he explored his world around him.

After the bulk or our holiday traditions, we all congregated in our family room to hear the Christmas story, read scriptures, and sing songs.  Daxton loved all the extra attention from his grandparents and cousins.
Nora and Emma were super cute singing and dancing to the music.  Nora was also quite the conductor and led us in several holiday hymns.  I sure do love those girls!
Our last Christmas Eve tradition is everyone unwraps one present.  It's always a pair of pajamas and a book.  This was Daxton's first experience opening a present and it was pretty funny to watch him get so distracted by the wrapping paper.

I threw in a little santa hat for him to wear as well.  Thought it would make for some cute pictures in the morning :)

I have to admit it was quite weird to take the parent role this Christmas.  We filled Daxton's stocking with lots of chewable little toys and set things up all ready for the next morning.
After the stocking was ready and we were headed to bed, I couldn't help but look back one more time.  I felt so blessed to be surrounded by family and so unbelievably grateful for the knowledge of the gospel.  It was a perfect Christmas Eve.

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