Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Break: Dallas' 32nd Birthday

(January is proving to be pretty difficult to get things done, lots of different reasons why, but I made a promise to myself that I would at least get caught up on the blog before the month is over...let's see if I can keep that promise!)

Dallas swears he loves that his birthday is right before Christmas.  I always worry that it's going to get lost in the shuffle and bustle of the holiday season, but he doesn't seem to mind.  This year we had just made it to my hometown, Ephrata, in the midst of a massive storm.  Needless to say, Dallas was exhausted after having to get us to Washington safely and just wanted a relaxing day with family.  I was totally ok with that!
The big news, when we arrived home for the holidays, was my little brother Stuart had proposed to his girlfriend, Angelica.  This was our first time meeting Angelica and we were all so impressed with her.  She's such a sweetheart, down to earth, loving, and most importantly...puts up with all of Stuart's shenanigans!  She's also on the BYU girls' soccer team so she's got some spunk in her.  Our time together did not overlap too long, but we enjoyed getting to know her and are so excited about welcoming her to the family in April.
Like mentioned above, Dallas wanted a relaxing day, so there was a lot of napping, football watching, and hanging out with the family.  That night we had a big family dinner with my three younger brothers and family.  Richard and Leisha are living in Ephrata and we loved the chance to hang out with them and watch their two little girls interact with Daxton, Emma especially loved to give him hugs.  Although I think he was more impressed with Leisha's iPhone and her fun baby apps!

After dinner Dallas opened presents, blew out his candles, and ate his favorite yearly tradition...checkerboard birthday cake.  Maybe one of these days mom and I will get it so the squares actually look like squares in the middle!
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Our little man wanted to wish you a big happy birthday as well...

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