Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bryan's Family Visits: Key Biscayne

Continuing with our adventures from the beginning of the summer when my oldest brother's family came to visit...

After our insane day exploring the Everglades Alligator Farm and getting stuck in the swamp, we all were in desperate need of a swim.  We figured the best way to wash off all the mud and gunk from our crazy adventure would be taking a dip in the ocean.  On our drive home from Homestead we decided to make a detour out to Key Biscayne off the coast of Miami.  It had incredible views of Miami, but none of the "crazies" from Miami's South Beach.  Sadly, I've become quite the snob when it comes to beaches, so I thought the sand could have been cleaner, but it was still gorgeous.  Since it was protected by reef and harbor, there were no waves.  We had a lot of fun swimming out in the chest deep water for several yards.

Dallas and Heather relaxing on the beach.

The kids and I washing the swamp off us and enjoying the warm water.  I can't get enough of Daxton's golden curls!

And you can't go to the beach without digging some holes and building sand castles!  Bryan was such a sweetheart to lead the construction and play with all the kiddos.

As you can tell, this little man had a blast with his uncle and cousins!

Another favorite past time for Daxton is returning sand to the ocean...

Sadie, Bryan, a silly Max, and Heather
Love my family so much!

Just some of the gorgeous views from Key Biscayne...

By the time we got home that night we were all exhausted from such a fun day!

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