Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bryan's Family Visits: Saying Goodbye with Flour

On Bryan's last day visiting they wanted to go to the beach one more time before their flight took off in the afternoon.  But after the crazy few days we had had, Daxton and I decided to stay home in the morning.  I pulled out one of his flour sensory buckets from his birthday in March.  We had a lot of left over flour and had been slowly using it for different learning activities.  This time I hid several ocean animals within the tub.  Everytime he would find one, he'd squeal with delight.  We practiced our colors and also names of each animal.  He sorted them by colors and then later by size.  I also tried to introduce counting them as he pulled them out, but he was not too interested in counting.  I found some fun collapsable colorful measuring cups for him to dig with.  It was the perfect way to spend our morning until the cousins got back from the beach.

Since the girls were already in their swimsuits, they immediately jumped in on the fun.  They helped Daxton find all of his sea animals and had fun building flour castles.
It was so much fun to watch them interact, create, and play with each other.  I sure love these kiddos and love the way they played with Daxton!

When we were cleaning up the flour, some got into Daxton's eye.  It was so much easier to clean off his face than sand!

Bryan came out to help with the clean up, which was pretty easy.  The girls scooped the extra flour back into the tub and then they used the hose to spray off whatever was left.  The flour mixing with water was pretty slippery so the girls got a kick out of pretending they were skating across the brick.  Daxton got a kick out of spraying the girls with the hose again!

After all the flour was cleaned up, everyone went inside for showers and packing.  It was a pretty sad goodbye for this little man below.  He kept calling out for his "fends" and for weeks after would ask for Mack and Sade.
I wish I could put into words how wonderful it was to have them stay with us for a few days.  It was so good to be with family and see Daxton interact with his cousins.  We loved being able to show them some of the beauties around our area, but mostly we just loved being with them.  We have the most amazing family.  We truly feel blessed!

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