Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bryan's Family Visits: Mother's Day

Luckily, Bryan's family visit landed on Mother's day weekend as well, so we got to celebrate with not only my little miracle boy, but also some of my amazing nieces and nephew.  Heather and I woke to both Dallas and Bryan making breakfast for us and all the kids.  I loved looking around the kitchen to a house full of family.  It really was the best mother's day present I could have ever asked for.  My nieces and nephew had spent the morning making cute cards and even helped Daxton make one as well...scribbles and all!
 After breakfast we all cleaned up and headed to church.  Daxton's nursery class planned a super sweet Mother's Day snack where we all were able to join our little ones.  Then they sang a cute song and gave us a sweet present.  Daxton was kind of all over the place, but would at least let me give him a few hugs.

Some of our sweet friends
Alex and her son Julian
Brittany and her daughter Colette

It also happened to be the last day for Daxton's nursery leader, Joslyn.  She was such a sweetheart to all the kids and was greatly missed! I loved watching them all give her big hugs and kisses goodbye! 
After church Dallas, Daxton, and I took nice long afternoon naps, while Bryan and family explored Shark Valley.  They were able to see several alligators throughout their hot hike.  It was a great day for all of us!

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