Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day to Day Happenings in June...

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, June is pretty magical in south Florida.  We spent a good portion of the month playing at the beach, which proved to be Daxton's most happy spot.  He got more and more brave with entering the ocean on his own, which meant I had to be more and more persistent on him wearing his floaties since he grew a rather determined independent streak.  I loved watching his face light up when a wave would catch his toes.  He also started to sit right at the breaking point so waves crashed over his legs and sometimes belly.

The beach is my favorite spot for play dates for selfish reasons.  It is the one place where Daxton is totally occupied and content playing for hours and in return I get to spend hours catching up with my friends, usually uninterrupted.  It's pretty much heaven for us both!

June also brought a fun surprise while walking through our neighborhood.  Dax and I loved watching all the baby ducks waddle around our neighborhood pond and would often bring bread and crackers to share with them.  I got a little nervous watching them cross the road but was pleasantly surprised as every car drove slow through that section with caution.

After cleaning the kitchen, I realized it was much to quiet out in the living room.  I found this adorable little guy reading Daddy's Liahona magazine (in Thai) while sitting in his favorite chair.  It was pretty sweet to hear him make up all sorts of stories from the pictures he saw.

Some other silly shenanigans from June included Dax trying to do the splits (bottom pictures), some interesting snuggle positions, and his fascination with tickling my toes...

One of the most fun things we noticed over the summer was Daxton's interest in "helping."  He loved mixing things and cooking  in the kitchen, especially with the taste testing, and also in the yard with daddy.  I loved watching his boost in confidence as he tried new things and found success. 

Another fun thing from June was thanks to my friend Whitney.  She was kind enough to go with me to pick out fabric for curtains and even kinder to teach me how to make them.  I had several regrets thinking about how incredibly crafty my mom is and how little I wanted to learn any of it growing up.  I wish I would have taken advantage of her knowledge while living at home!

Daxton's other major love in June...
His blue rain boots!
He wore those things everywhere!

He also had lots of fun looking for baby frogs near the edge of our yard.  I am very grateful daddy is home for these experiences...let's be honest with ourselves...I'm not the biggest fans of amphibians.
I do love his choice of outfits!

June was also the month I went to Girls Camp.
Being a part of the Young Womens program was hands down one of the coolest experiences since moving to south Florida.  I've learned so much from each one of these girls and feel so blessed to have been able to get to know them.  I was released from young womens at the end of the summer and I've missed them ever since! They are each such incredible and beautiful girls full of talent and love.

Usually girls camp takes place during March or April during spring break, but with the new Fort Lauderdale temple dedication, girls camp was postponed to the middle of June.  It was not the best time of year considering it was in the peak of rainy season.  While I was there it rained the entire time.  I also have to admit that I found myself checking everywhere for snakes, spiders, and even alligators!  Not the most relaxing of experiences...

Rounding out the month of June...
More fun play dates with good friends

That included spending time outside playing with bubbles and eating yummy snacks.

Lots of fun mornings at different playgrounds going down slides and swinging on swings...

Watching and listening to some of the loudest and heaviest rain storms we had ever seen...gotta love rainy season!

We even tried out a matinee movie with Daddy
"How to Train Your Dragon Two"
Daxton had fun, but was still a bit young to stay interested that long.  He did however LOVE eating the popcorn.

We also thoroughly enjoyed our weekly pool group!  It was so much fun to be able to meet with friends and let the kids play.  Daxton became very independent and spent most of the time swimming away from mom.  He especially loved the pool group where Jack brought whales and sharks to play with.

With the constant heat we spent a lot of time here...
In the Water!

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