Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trip to Tampa Bay: Grand Hyatt Hotel

While Daddy was in work training meetings, Daxton and I had a blast exploring the grounds of the Grand Hyatt hotel.  Our first stop...the pool of course!

Like usual, Daxton was the hit of the pool.  All the adults sunbathing were more than willing to talk to this little toddler.  He loved every minute of swimming and even got brave enough to jump into the pool several times on his own.  We met a really nice couple visiting from England who thought he was the cutest thing ever.  Maybe I'm not as biased as I thought??

While we were in the pool, one of the couples we met mentioned there was another pool on the other side of the property next to the hotel restaurant.  We decided it'd be fun to go exploring along the hotel's boardwalks on our way.  I'm so glad we did!  The boardwalks were amazing.  They cut through different mangrove swamps, raised high enough to see all the unique details of the vegetation we were walking through.  But our favorite surprise was walking around one of the corners and seeing the ground covered in several little fiddler crabs.  Daxton and I both started squealing with delight as we watched them scurry around.  One of the best things about being a mom is watching the excitement and wonder in Daxton's face as he experiences things for the first time.  I love all the adventures we have together! 

We chased little crabs all the way to the end of the boardwalk where we found a gorgeous gazebo in the middle of mangrove trees.  It was pretty perfect.  We also loved walking along the water looking down at all the fish and watching birds find their dinner.

As we continued on the path towards the hotel restaurant and other pool, we found several more fiddler crabs and even saw a few of them dig out their burrows.  Have I mentioned I love where we live!
After we made it to the other pool, it was much later than planned and we were both extremely hungry.  We ended up trying out the restaurant instead.  I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed when we entered.  I thought it was a poolside cafe, but turned out to be a nice fish house restaurant.  Here we were, dripping wet and in our swimsuits.  Not to mention Daxton was literally the only kid I ever saw while staying at the hotel.  I was very pleasantly surprised how welcoming they were to me and my little toddler.  They were so kind, seated us next to a group of friendly grandparents, and we received wonderful service throughout the night.  I also have to give an incredible shout out to Daxton who was AMAZING throughout dinner.  I've witnessed his fair share of melt downs in a restaurant and was pleasantly surprised that he chose to be angelic that night.  Maybe he knew this mommy needed a little relief while daddy was working!?

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