Thursday, January 29, 2015

Evening Swim at Fort Lauderdale Beach

Here it goes...
I am starting the daunting task of documenting our lives over the past 6 months for several reasons.  First, due to someone who loves me VERY much I got a new laptop!  My last one died around March of last year and it quickly proved very difficult trying to blog, email, etc on simply a phone or iPad, thus the massive break in between posts this year.  Second, my mom recently underwent a very painful knee replacement surgery.  So while she is in recovery I thought it would be fun for her to have something to read and the MANY pictures that will include little Dax might just bring a smile to her face.  Wish we lived closer to help more, but for now hopefully this will be ok...

(It's funny to look back through all these pics.  In some ways it feels like forever ago, especially with how different Dax looks now, but in other ways it feels like time is flying by.)
June is pretty magical in Florida.  True the thick humidity resurfaces after a glorious winter, but June brings longer days which means its the perfect time to do evening swims.  There's no worry for sunscreen and there's always a nice breeze off the ocean.  Not to mention the water temperature feels like a warm bath!  It's pretty much heaven and for our family we spent several evenings at the beach enjoying every moment of it.

Swimming with Dax
He was pretty unhappy that we had forgotten his floaties, wish I would have gotten them more often now though!

My favorite thing in the world is watching these two play and interact.  They are both so enamored with each other.  I love watching their faces light up as they play!

It's fun to look back at these pictures from the summer.  I've been so sad the past few days because we recently cut off his golden curls, but looking back to this summer, his short hair was just as cute and showed off his adorable facial features.  I guess I should stop mourning the curls...

The Bradford family, close friends from church, continue to be a constant in our lives.  I could go on and on about how dear they are to me and how much we love them.  They truly have been one of the greatest blessings from our move to south Florida.
Adam and the kids met up with us for one of our evening beach outings and it was pretty cute to see how excited Dax was to have TWO people building sand castles that he could quickly destroy.

The pictures are pretty clear how much our little man loves the ocean.  With little to no waves on calm June evenings, the perfect swimming temps, and longer daylight I said, it's heaven!

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