Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Next Generation of Whitts

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to hang out with our cousins on Dallas' side of the family, the Whitts.  It has been so much fun getting to know all of them and hearing stories from Dallas' youth.  Sam and Erin are Dallas' cousins from Virginia (Uncle Steve's children.)  We had a blast hanging out with Erin and her husband, Nate, when they came out to visit during the summer.  Daxton loved getting to know their son, Scott, as well.  In the Fall, Sam and his wife Erin (yes, his sister and wife have the same name...a little confusing) moved to the bay area.  Sam has been traveling a large amount of time between London and Palo Alto for work, so we were VERY excited when they invited us over for dinner.  Erin was also in town attending different medical appointments, so it was great to see her and catch up.

One of the highlights of the evening was introducing Daxton and Ken.  It's been so much fun to see the next generation of Whitt cousins interact.  At their age it was more staring at each other curiously, but it was pretty cute to see them together. 
  Ken is a couple months older than Daxton, but weighs about five pounds less.  He's super mobile, which was so weird for me to see.  Ken was super fast and would army crawl all over the living room.  Daxton, on the other hand, was totally content sitting and chewing on all his toys.  At one point he fell over and was even more content to let Ken crawl all over him.  I'm thinking we have a bit of a lazy baby on our hands!
Since we got together on a Thursday night, both Dallas and Sam had come straight from work.  They are both such cute daddy's and immediately were wrestling and giggling with their boys.
We had so much fun hanging out with everyone.
I feel truly blessed to have married into such an incredible family.
Thank you, Erin, Sam, and Erin, for having us over.  It was so great to see you all!

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  1. How fun to see cousins hanging out! Loved the post!


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