Monday, August 25, 2014

Bryan's Family Visits: Fort Lauderdale Beach

It was pretty easy deciding what my oldest brother, Bryan, and his family wanted to do first on their trip...visit the BEACH!
They live in the Seattle area and after a long, wet, and gray winter season, they were more than excited to hang out in the warm waters of the Atlantic.  The winds were stronger than I would have liked, but they created some fun waves for the kids to play in.  Right before they visited I got a body board for them to use and it definitely came in handy.  Max and Natalie took turns swimming out and riding the waves back to shore.  Daxton, Sadie, and Katrina were all perfectly content to run in and out of the ocean and sand.  Katrina even showed off her killer gymnastic skills.  We ended up spending all morning and afternoon at the Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Needless to say, it was pretty awesome!

Such a gorgeous set up...

Katrina is always such a ham for the camera!

Max and Natalie were so sweet with each other.  Max was a great teacher, showing Natalie how to use the body board and time out the waves.

I can't believe how long his curls were!
I loved watching them blow in the wind...I miss those golden locks!

Katrina has some serious cartwheeling skills!

It's a little unfair how gorgeous Heather is at the beach.  I mean, seriously!

We also had a ton of fun playing in the sand...

Daxton was in heaven to have so many people playing in the sand with him.

Sadie and Katrina were willing participants as we buried them in the sand.  Notice them sleeping patiently with their sunglasses?  

Oh be still my heart!  I love and miss those golden curls so much!  I seriously find myself staring at Daxton in awe of how adorable he is...I know, I'm a pathetic mommy!
Catching some shade...
They thought I was crazy as I huddled under the beach tent reapplying massive amounts of sunscreen.  You can tell I live in the sun all the time now!
We had such a fun day at the beach.
If I had my way, we would live everyday there.

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