Monday, August 25, 2014

Bryan's Family Visits: Welcome to Florida Water Fight

Summer started for us at the beginning of May.
And we started it off with a BANG!
My oldest brother, Bryan, and his family flew in for a fun-filled few days of adventures.  Our party started about five minutes after their arrival when Daxton got a hold of the hose.  We sure do know how to welcome visitors to the heat of South Florida!  It was so much fun watching Daxton play and interact with his cousins.  Needless to say there were squeals and giggles resonating in our backyard for over an hour with all of us drenched in water by the end...all of us, except the daddies hiding behind the closed windows!

Max showed Daxton the art of holding down the handle with both hands for optimal target practice.  It was pretty cute to see them working together to drench the girls.

His face says it all!

Notice the daddies hiding inside the playroom??

We also filled up the water table and brought out several buckets for everyone to use during the water fight.  Daxton had a pretty strong grip on the hose though!

Heather's such a fun mom and within no time, she was out there with the kiddos joining in on the chaos.

After everyone was thoroughly wet, we changed into our PJs, ate yummy pizza, and stayed up late planning out our upcoming adventures.
It was the absolute perfect way to welcome everyone to Florida!

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