Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo of the Week 64

I'm dipping my foot back into the blogging world...crazy right!?
We've had a VERY fun-filled summer with lots of visitors and traveling.  Before I begin to embark on documenting all of our memorable adventures over the past few months I wanted to post this one below.

When I look at this picture my heart is so full.
I remember the heartache, pain, and loneliness before Dallas entered my life.  It was a long journey to find each other.  It was also a long difficult journey to have our beautiful little boy, Daxton, brought into our lives.  This picture sums up all the joy I feel on a daily basis with these two in my life.  With the Rexburg temple in the background, it helps me remember just how beautiful Heavenly Father's eternal plan is.  
I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all I've been given.

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