Monday, August 25, 2014

Bryan's Family Visits: Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

After spending the morning and afternoon at the beach, we all came home, showered, and got ready for a fun evening exploring the waterways of Fort Lauderdale.

While waiting for everyone to finish getting ready, this cute gang got creative with their coloring.  I absolutely love our playroom and the two full walls of windows looking outside.  It's the perfect spot for all of Daxton's fun things and allows so much light.  Bryan is such a good daddy and was so sweet to Daxton.  Dallas was still super busy with his crazy work schedule when my brother and family all came into town, so Daxton was pretty clingy to Bryan.  It was so sweet to see how loving Bryan was to Dax.  They were quite the little pair!

Since Fort Lauderdale is considered the "Venice" of America, we figured the best way to see the sights would be on the water.  We drove down to the Las Olas Riverfront in downtown Fort Lauderdale and waited for the water taxi right next to the Briny Pub.  Katrina had sent me her "flat Katrina" project and which I posted about previous, but we thought it would be fun to have the real Katrina holding the "flat Katrina" for a few shots.  It was pretty cute!

Posing outside the Briny Pub as we waited for the water taxi. 

We ended up having to wait about 30 minutes for the water taxi, but it didn't seem to phase these cuties at all.  If Sadie and Daxton weren't chasing each other back and forth, they were giving each other hugs or looking for lizards.

I realize that I'm biased, but I have some seriously adorable sun-kissed nieces!

While waiting for the water taxi, the men studied the route map.  Daxton loved giving uncle Bryan snuggles.

We were all super happy when Dallas met up with us at the Water Taxi stop.  He had come straight from work and was pretty tired, but we all loved being able to spend time with him...especially Daxton, of course!  We all piled in the water taxi for a fun tour around Fort Lauderdale.

The mansions along the different waterways are stunning and the kids got a kick out of watching the different paddle boarders in the area.

Since we were doing an evening tour, we were able to get some great pics of the sunset.  Sadie had just gotten a new pair of sunglasses and she rocked them!

Such a doll!

We all got off at the 15th street fishery to eat a yummy dinner.  While we were eating the live musician came over to our table several times to serenade the kids.  Daxton loved it and stared intently at the guitar.  Sadie and Natalie were not too into the extra attention given!

As we were exiting dinner, Daxton saw one of the salt water aquariums and started squealing loudly about the "lion fish!"  You can tell we've visited several aquariums if he can point out what a lion fish looks like.

Afterwards, we bought frozen shrimp to feed the giant tarpon off the pier.  It's pretty creepy to see the feeding frenzy ensue.  But we all loved throwing shrimp up in the air to see what tarpon would jump the highest.  Since the sun had already set, I didn't get the best pics, but it did show the cool underwater night lighting.

Throwing in the frozen shrimp...

After a full day at the beach and then riding the water taxi to dinner, we were all pretty exhausted.  It was a great first day of adventures!  

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