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Adventures in Cozumel: Day Three

Continuing from our November trip to Cozumel...

The next morning we were all pretty exhausted from such a fun previous day, so we took our time getting ready.  At one point I looked behind the couch as we were all chatting and found these two cuties!  Seriously it made the trip that much better because all the kids got along and played so well together.  They entertained each other so well which allowed us adults to simply enjoy ourselves.

Love their matching blonde curls!

We also had some serious fun with Dallas's afro!
Usually he wears lots of product in it, but since we were constantly in the water we went without.  This was the beautiful masterpiece we got after combing it out in the morning!
Bob Ross??

Sean and Heidi, once again, created a perfect day full of adventures.  They took us on a tour of the island, stopping at some of their favorite beaches and snorkeling spots.  Our first stop was on the east side of the island where we spent a few hours swimming in some of the most beautiful and clear water I had ever seen...

The view looking from the top of the platform and road.

The platform that connected the road and the staircase to the beach was pretty run down.  It was crazy to see rusty nails sticking out of the wood and even entire planks missing from the structure.  I just had to laugh...we were definitely not in the united states!  Can you imagine the fun lawsuit-hungry people would have with this walkway?

Once we got settled under a cabana, we had the beach to ourselves!  The kids immediately found walking sticks to dig in the sand and were off to the ocean.

Abby and Adri found a fun spot where the waves had washed away part of the sand forming a perfect jump.

Seriously, it was stunning!
It was a partially cloudy day, yet still very warm.  When the sun hit the water you could see the most gorgeous colors.

Building a few sand castles and digging in the sand...

Once again we were very grateful we brought our underwater GoPro!  Daxton had a blast dangling from the "selfie stick."  We took lots of video, but my favorite was when we let Daxton hold the camera.  The videos were mostly of his feet and belly.

Trying to get a family picture...

Isn't the water amazing!?
It was as clear as pool water!
Love this shot of Abby swimming towards the camera.

Our group shot
I wish Daxton was looking at the camera, but other than that it's a pretty awesome pic!  I love how clear the water is!

Daxton's turn at holding the GoPro...

Love this family of mine so much!

Playing just a little more in the sand and waves before heading to our next destination.

The next spot Heidi and Sean took us to was on the south east side of the island.  There was a really cool shop near the lagoon with lots of fun shells and hammocks to explore.  I love the below pics of Adri holding both Daxton and Penelope's hands.

This beach was really cool with jagged faced rocks on all sides.  I was super glad that Daxton and Penelope were too busy playing in the sand and with the hammocks to want to explore the rocks, because they were sharp!  It was pretty cool to see how the elements had shaped and eroded the rocks.  There were crazy deep holes, arches, and caves formed over the years.  I loved the contrast of brown rock against the blues and greens of the ocean.  It was also fun to see waves crash up against the rock, for just a minute it reminded me of California.

The boys exploring the rocks.

Just some of the jagged didn't want to trip and fall on this stuff!

Abby and Adri exploring the different rocks and arches.

At quick glance it can almost remind me of Point Lobos near Monterey Bay in California :)

There were several different kinds of hammocks set up outside the shop, so of course we needed to try all of them!  The kids had a blast twisting each other and climbing in and out of each one.

Daxton wasn't a fan of being inside the hammock, but Dallas sure was!  It was the most relaxed I had seen him in a very long while.

We ended our tour with dinner and more snorkeling on the west side of the island at a place called MoneyBar.  The kids had a blast playing in the sand and exploring the different tide pools along the water.  There was no beach, only a small path of rocks to get in and out of the water, but the snorkeling was great!  Dallas was pretty exhausted and wasn't up for snorkeling so he watched Daxton while I spent an hour looking at all the different fish.  It was pretty fun, but I have to admit that I got a little nervous at the end with the currents being so strong and the sunsetting.  

Adri was a sweetheart showing Daxton all the different tide pools.

Once again, Daxton was Adri's little shadow.  Anything she did or anywhere she'd go, he was there with a big smile on his face.  She was so kind and patient with him!  It melt my heart to see him so happy.

Exploring tide pools as the sun went down.

It's funny, one of the things I miss most about living on the west coast are the sun sets on the ocean.  I never gave it much thought, but after a few weeks of living on the East coast I quickly began missing those nighttime trips to the beach to watch the sun set.  True, in Florida, I could always drive an hour and a half to get to the gulf coast, which isn't as bad.  Watching the sunset in Cozumel was the perfect way to finish up another magical day of adventures.
Love those colors!

After we put the kids to bed that night, some of Heidi and Sean's friends came over to babysit so we could all go to a late night movie of "Interstellar."  The next morning we woke up, packed our things, and were off to the airport.  In total we were only in Mexico for four days, an extended weekend, but we were able to pack in a ton of adventures and still get a lot of relaxation time in.  It is still crazy to think that our flight from Miami to Cozumel only took a little more than an hour...mean while any flight to visit our family members take more than 6!  Just brings to light how far away we are living now.
Another big shout out to Heidi and Sean for hosting us on this trip! We had so much fun and loved not only seeing the beautiful country you were living in, but also spending so much time with you guys.  Thanks for being such great friends and opening your home.  We love you guys!

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