Sunday, April 12, 2015

Adventures in Cozumel: Day Two Snorkeling with Sea Turtles in Akumal

Continuing on from our trip to Cozumel to visit friends in November...

After spending most of the later morning and early afternoon exploring the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, we drove about 30 minutes north to Akumal for snorkeling with sea turtles.  My favorite ocean animal has always been sea turtles for as long as I can remember, so I was ecstatic when Sean and Heidi told us we'd be visiting a great spot to view them in the wild.  We reached Akumal around 3:30-4 so we only had about a couple hours of light, but we were able to see several turtles!  Heidi wasn't feeling too well and opted to stay out of the water to relax and keep eyes on Daxton and Penelope.  She was such a sweetheart to let Dallas and I snorkel without a toddler in tow!

The lagoon was gorgeous with a clean white sand beach.

Daxton immediately ran into the water with Adri.  It was so cute to see them squeal when they felt the water.  I love the bottom right picture of her leading him into the ocean.  She was so kind and patient with him!

We were super excited we brought our underwater GoPro camera to document the afternoon.  I ended up taking a ton of video and forgot to snap a lot of photos, so this is all I got from our Go Pro...
Getting our snorkel gear on...

Love the close up of Adri's face!
I'm also madly in love with Dallas's long curls.

It was so cool to watch Abby and Adri snorkel all by themselves.  You could tell they'd been living on a tropical island for the past two years!

Within 5 minutes and only a few yards off shore we found our first turtle!  I literally almost drown when I started squealing and gasping in my snorkel gear.  I was so stinking excited!  We were able to see one right after another, all chomping on the layer of sea grass below.  It was such an incredible thing watching these animals swim.  I was in heaven and ended up snorkeling till the sun set.  It was so nice to not be in mommy mode worrying about Daxton (thanks again Heidi!)  I loved every minute with these cuties and am so so glad we were able to squeeze this stop into our packed day.

Once the sun was setting and the clarity of water lessened, we let the kids relax and play on the beach for a few more minutes before packing up.  
In love with my little beach bum boy!

It was such a magical day, made only better by how well all the kids got along.  I loved watching these two cuties draw pictures in the sand.
After snorkeling and watching the sunset, we packed up and headed north to Playa Del Carmen.  We returned the rental car and watched some awesome live street performers while waiting for the ferry back to Cozumel.  All four kids fell asleep on the ferry and I'm sure I looked like some crazy tourist, because I couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face with how awesome of a day we just had.

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