Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sanibel Island with the Bradford Family: Day One

Since our two night slumber party with the Bradford family for the Thanksgiving holiday was so fun, we decided to extend our celebration by driving to Sanibel Island for a couple days.  The morning after Thanksgiving we all took off to the west side of Florida on the gulf coast.  We had heard wonderful things about Sanibel Island and were super excited when we found out Marriott was having killer deals during the holidays.  It was located right on the water with amazing views of all the different mangrove islands in the distance.

Not a bad view from our room!

Looking down onto the pool and hotel grounds.

While we were checking out the view from our room we even saw a couple dolphin swim by!  It was pretty amazing and this little guy was more than excited.

After we got things settled in at the hotel, we decided to go for a little drive and check out the lighthouse and one of the beaches.  We had a blast exploring the grounds, playing in the sand, and goofing off together as the sun set.

Daxton and James
Daxton thought James was pretty cool and wan't to do whatever he did, including showing off his muscles.

Everyone loves Tiffany!
Noah, James, and Lucy giving their mom a big hug.

Daxton had a blast running around, throwing rocks, and digging in the sand.  I love his blonde mop of hair in these pics below.

While we were walking along the beach we saw another couple dolphin swimming just off the shore!  After two dolphin sightings in only a couple hours I was madly in love with Sanibel Island.

Love these people so much!

Noah, James, and Lucy doing some jumping pictures with their mommy.  Love them!

I'm also in love with these pictures of Tiffany and Lucy.  It makes me miss my mom.  They are simply beautiful.

There was too much excitement going on for Daxton to stay still for a family picture but we tried anyway...

And then we kept trying...

And tried some more...

And then finally just settled on this one...  
At which point we put our little man down and he was off running around once more.

Jumping into daddy's arms for a sunset snuggle

Trying to get his shoes back on was a joke!
He kept wiggling his toes in the sand and then trying to escape by rolling to the side.  This kid has quite the little personality and he loves his daddy!

Ah man, look at that adorable face!
I sure do love our little man.

More fun with daddy...

Our attempts at jumping pictures...I need to work on my timing!

One of the funniest moments from the evening was courtesy of Tiffany.  There was a rope looped through several wooden hoops that she and the kids were balancing on.  They started swinging back and forth and then all of a sudden we hear screaming.  I turned around and found Tiffany in this position...flat on her back legs flailing in the air.  Needless to say we were all laughing hysterically!

Once they got the feel for how the rope could be stretched, they quickly turned it into a tight rope for Isaac to try out.  He is crazy athletic and made it look like a breeze.  No one else wanted to try it, except Daxton...

I swear in a few years we will see Isaac on America's Ninja Warrior or something.  He can climb on pretty much anything and has crazy balancing in point...
Karate kid

Of course Daxton wanted to try it as well...

I feel so blessed to call this man my husband, even with the insane windblown hair!

These two are peas in a pod.
I love all the different facial expressions.

Our whole group!
I propped the camera up on one of those wooden posts and am still amazed that it turned out this good.  I love these people so much.  They truly have become our family over the past couple years.

After the beach we found a yummy Dairy queen for dinner and dessert, even though we were all freezing!
It was the perfect first day of our Thanksgiving vacation with the Bradford family!

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