Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day to Day Happenings from November

I just finished posting about our exciting trip to Cozumel, Mexico at the beginning of November.  Our time visiting friends was the perfect kick off to the holiday season celebrations.

Here are some of the highlights from November...
This is how Daxton spent his day to day...playing with daddy, grocery shopping with mommy and finding a new love for "prairie peppers," taking his clothes off at random parts of the day, and playing on the iPad...just to name a few.

We also found a super fun park nearby, where he grew more and more brave at climbing and trying new things.

We also fell more and more in love with his crazy blonde curls and silly facial expressions.

We got a membership at Young At Art children's museum, where he has been able to meet up with friends for hours of exploration and play.  He was especially fond of the water table while splashing with Joey, Thomas, and Macy.

There are tons of really fun exhibits for him to explore at YAA.  He loved rolling wooden balls down the ramp, digging in the honeycomb wax, banging on the drums, and playing in the sand.

He also had fun using the different art supplies, eating snacks, and playing in the kitchen with Ayla, Macy, and Brooke.

This year we also hosted Thanksgiving!
There is no way I would have agreed to this if it weren't for our best buddies, the Bradford family.  They've become some of our closest most dear friends while living here in south Florida and we were so excited that they wanted to join us for the holidays.  It also helped that both Tiffany and Adam are amazing cooks and taught us step by step what we needed to do.

Adam and Dallas prepping the turkeys

Tiffany helped me recreate my mommy's famous dinner rolls!
I was pretty stinking proud of these babies!
Made me feel like I wasn't so far from home with these in the house.

We also had the Pesoa family over for Thanksgiving.  They've become such dear friends as well since moving to Fort Lauderdale. All the kids played so well together!  The Bradfords, who had driven down from Boca the night before, ended up spending a couple nights at the house which made it even more fun.  Everything's more fun with a slumber party!

Love these girls so much!!
It was so amazing to look around the dinner table and know I was surrounded by family.

The yummy spread...

Let the feasting begin!

Our new neighbor, Luigi (from Italy) came over to join us for dessert.  It was so much fun getting to know him better and eat yummy pie.
November was such a fun month, ending with a great Thanksgiving with incredible friends.

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