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Day to Day in September (2015)

I had this crazy goal to be caught up on the blog by the holidays, but that was quickly shattered when all the festivities of the season called to us.  So here I am writing about events from over a year ago...

September 2015 was an exciting time period for our little man.  He was 3 turning on 15 and had an incredible group of friends.  Us mommies decided to start a little preschool joy school for our kids.  It was Tuesdays and Thursdays for a couple hours.  Daxton was so excited to wear his own backpack and go to "school" with his buddies!

First day of joy school, can't believe how long his curls were!

Such a happy sweet little boy!

All of his buddies
(L to R) Joey, Dean, Daxton, Julian, Macey, Levi

Other highlights from September 2015 included...
nonstop imaginative play with his construction tools

A buzz cut from daddy to tame all those crazy curls

Dancing in the rain after church

A super fun playdate with buddies at the Lion country safari!
April and Jack invited us to join them and we had a blast looking at all the different animals in the drive through safari park.  The boys mostly loved jumping around freely in the back seat!  After the drive through safari, a massive thunderstorm rolled in, so we ended up heading home instead of checking out the rest of the park.  It was a super fun day with April and Jack!

Dax started another session of swim lessons with his buddy Jack.  They switched times to 4 on Tuesdays with a new coach, Brandon.

Dax also got a new drawing board and has spent hours coloring and practicing letters.

He also LOVED getting to paint the walls with daddy.

Shower shenanigans!

For preschool us moms rotated each week on who taught the lessons.  Each week we had a letter, number, and theme to focus on.  I have to admit that I LOVED feeling my teaching roots come back.  I spent hours thinking of fun activities and projects for the kids to do.  It was so therapeutic for me and made me miss teaching in the classroom a lot!

Just a few of our supplies for my week of teaching...

Our letter for my week was D.  Daxton loved playing with our "D shadows" as we waited for the kids to arrive.

Snacks and math activities

Decorating our "Duck Ds"

Sorting our farm animals into large and small and then trying out the laughing game, which was quite entertaining!

Shared reading and writing activities

Our dinosaur art project...
I LOVE Daxton's focused face!
Its not a good art project unless there's a whole lot of mess after!

Decorating our Dinosaur Ds and practicing our letter writing

After preschool shenanigans when mommy was too tired to care if Dax drew all over himself or me!

Dax also went to a fun art class taught by my friend Whitney.  He loved completing all sorts of activities and projects!
While he was at his art class, I cleaned out his room and reorganized everything.  It felt SO good!
It was so sad to pack away so many of his clothes that don't fit him any more though...
I may have shed a few tears!

He was so excited to have a clean room that he got all his books out to celebrate...

Other fun highlights from September 2015...
swimming with his buddy Olive and feeding the birds at her pool.

Swimming with his buddy Levi

Going to Butterfly world on Mara's special day.
We loved being able to explore, find all sorts of beautiful butterflies, and tell stories of my sweet angel niece, Mara.  Daxton had so many questions.  It was fun to tell him of his sweet cousin.
He loved carefully trying to catch butterflies on his little finger.
So many beautiful colors!
We were super excited because our new friends Ethan and Janie were able to meet up with us at Butterfly world.  We loved being able to get to know them better and watch the kids start a fun relationship with each other.
We also got to feed the lorikeets, but Janie was the only one brave enough to hold them, silly boys!
LOVE this sweet picture of Jessica and Janie feeding the Lorikeets!
It was a very fun, but VERY hot and sweaty day for sure.
We just loved the chance to visit a place that completely reminds me of sweet Mara.  We love and miss her terribly, but know we will be reunited with her in the future.  What a blessing to know we are sealed together as a family for eternity!

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